Magic Bowl Winner: Amanda Fee by Margaret Steeves

Published on: January 10, 2017

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amanda-fee-bowl-4As I look at this bowl of the words, I am reminded that words can be powerful. The words “MAGIC” can stir emotions of love, inspiration and determination. This amazing bowl was created by DCTC student, Amanda Fee, who is legally blind.

Amanda won first place for her “Magic Bowl” in the category of Craft in a national art contest for blind students this year. A photograph of the bowl will appear as the August photo in the 2019 Insights Art Calendar, a large print braille calendar published by the American Printing House for the Blind. I am very happy to know Amanda’s bowl of “MAGIC” will be appreciated by many.amanda-fee

Amanda is an ambitious young lady with high aspirations in the arts. She is an honor roll student as a well as a member of the DCTC Writers’ Club. Her commitment to creativity, academic excellence and words shows up in her passionate artful expressions.

Amanda hopes to one day write and publish a novel, and I’m convinced that she will make that happen. I have had the opportunity to hear her read a number of her stories, and they are wonderful. Amanda uses a a high tech keyboard based on touch to key in her words. I think of her high tech keyboard as an orchestra that she directs!

I would love to recognize Amanda for her greatness, and I also want to acknowledge the love and support of her parents who bring her to campus and escort her to her classes. I celebrate Amanda Fee’s creative thinking and continued success. She is creating a legacy of magic in the hearts of many.

Stop and say “Hi” and “Congratulations” when you cross paths with Amanda in the hallways on campus!

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  1. This article is powerful and equally encouraging. Congratulations to Amanda for winning a spot on the calendar!
    May she find every piece of success possible to her up and coming novel should she give it a whirl!
    God bless!

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