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Published on: August 19, 2020

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One of the longest standing projects of the PHOTONS photo club is to organize and host monthly photo contests.  This year was no exception, as we typically run contests from Oct to May, even with the Covid-19 situation, we are and always have been doing these contests online.

Thanks to the leadership team of Scott Glime, Ruth Dubay, Tyra Horecka, and Bill Snoke, we planned and hosted 6 contests this year.  There were also a number of changes to the contests introduced this year, such as:
– having a qualified photographer be the judge
– having online image entry system, thanks to Scott and the blog plugin
– having a general public popular vote (People’s Choice) after the judge finished
– reviewing images during our following general meeting and the awarding of prizes
– although contest entry is open to all students, only paid members would win prizes

So we thought it would be nice to recap the year (as we have wrapped up the last contest back in May) and show off some of the awesome images our members have submitted over the year.  Be sure to visit the contest blog entry to see all the image entered in each competition throughout the year.

Here is the recap;

(if you note any missing or inaccurate information, please help us by emailing Scott Glime or Darrell Tangen)

November 2019 contest: Reflections
Judged by Amanda Kellen, DCTC graduate and senior photographer

First Place Winner: REFLECTIONS IN STRING LAKE by Craig Johnson






People’s choice award not active this month


December 2019 contest: Shadows
Judged by Francie Deau, DCTC graduate and family photographer

First Place Winner: DESERT HEAT by Ruth Dubay







People’s choice award not active this month


January 2020 contest: Frost and Ice
Judged by ?

First Place Winner: VERMILLION FALLS WINTERIZED by Ali Plevell





People’s choice award not active this month


February 2020 contest: Black/White
Judged by Eric Haugen, graduate: real estate, life style and nature photographer

A tie for First Place:
FROZEN SUNRISE  by Craig Johnson











People’s Choice Winner: ICY SEAS by Craig Johnson







March 2020 contest: Sunrise/Sunset
Judged by: Al Kiecker, travel photographer and local photo club

First Place Winner: GRAND CANYON SUNRISE by Scott Glime






People’s Choice Winner: MORNING SUNBURST by Sarah Johnson







April 2020 contest: Pets and Animals
Judged by: Gayle Tangen, photographer

First Place Winner: I’M SO BORED by Christine Cornelius






People’s Choice Winner: IRIS by Natasha Grad







May 2020 contest: Waterfalls
Judged by Marvin Neitzert, retired portrait studio owner

First Place Winner: ROOT BEER FALLS  by Bill Snoke

Root Beer Falls












People’s Choice Winner: THE MILL AT RUTTER FALLS, CUMBRIA, ENGLAND by Bill Snoke

The Mill at Rutter Falls, Lake District, Cumbria, England







Thanks so much to everyone that entered any of the above competitions.  If you are a paid member of the club and was awarded first place by the judge, please contact Darrell to get your prize.  We are looking forward to another year of contests and lots of entries.  Please consider participating in our meetings and giving us input to contest topics. Remember anyone who is a student at DCTC, in any program, can enter the contest.


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