Laps Around Campus

Students held a campus wide event which they called “Laps Around Campus”. It included the opportunity to participate in Diabetes Risk Assessment and Glucose Screenings. The intent was to educate those on campus about diabetes. Donations were made to American Diabetes Association- St. Louis Park location to support work of association in Dakota County.

Students, staff and faculty were asked to walk a predetermined route from  April 2 – 5, 2007 at Dakota County Technical College main campus.

Students encouraged those interested in walkers to obtain pledges. The goal was set as 20.00 per walker, but ‘every nickel counts’.

The local chapter of ADA gave many educational brochures, flyers to use to advertize the walk and pedometers for the participants. One of the students served as a liaison to work with the organization. Students also used the association website’s risk assessment tool with those interested in screening.

The student senate approved funds to purchase the supplies needed for glucose screening. The program already had the equipment, but needed to purchase the cuvettes. Students that demonstrated competency in the skill were given the opportunity to work with students, faculty and staff on campus that desired the screening.

One of the students employed at MacDonald’s in Apple Valley was able to obtain Gatorade punch to serve as refreshment along with healthy power bars another instructor had purchased.

Students also had to work with those in building maintenance in regards to informing them of event, safety concerns, displaying marketing items and rearranging the east commons set up for the event. They  made masking tape arrows and applied them to the hall flooring to route traffic away from busy areas of campus displaying the route of the walk.

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