Online Hybrid Option

Why Online?

DCTC is pleased to offer an online option for our Medical Assistant program. Online learning offers flexibility to students who cannot take all their classes on campus, but are ready to commit time and effort to achieve their educational goals.

The program is a hybrid option that allows students to take lecture portions and prepare for laboratory work online. Labs for each week can then be completed on campus in a Tuesday afternoon session that lasts from 3 to 7 p.m.

Can I learn Online?

Online learning is not for everyone. Online learning requires a commitment to daily homework and preparation for weekly labs. You should be self-motivated, have a good workspace for learning at home or another suitable location, have support from friends, family and housemates, and be able to prioritize and organize your time.

Online learning is not easier than classroom learning.You will need to commit the same amount of time as you would for our on-campus program, which means that you should plan accordingly. You will need and be able to comfortably use a reliable computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

What equipment do I need?

You need access to an Internet-capable computer along with an Internet service provider (ISP) account. Some courses may require special software .Generally speaking, you do not need a new or extremely powerful computer to take an online course. Having good Internet access—preferably broadband—and the proper Web browser is more important than having a very expensive or powerful computer.

Do I need a computer at home?

You do not need a computer at home to take an online course. Computers in the college computer labs and DCTC Library have the necessary specifications and software for online courses. All DCTC computers are connected to the Internet. You may find having a home computer more convenient, but it is not a necessity.

How do I get to my classes?

You will access your classes through Online DCTC, where your home page lists all courses for which you are registered. Each course has a schedule of activities, including lectures, worksheets, demonstration videos, lab prep activities and quizzes.You will have the chance to practice accessing course materials at your orientation.

How do I perform my labs?

You will prepare for labs online using various activities, including video, picture timelines, worksheets and textbook DVDs. You will be required to complete lab activities each week before coming to DCTC for hands-on practice.

Medical assistant students spend eight to 12 hours each week in lab so expect to spend at least four hours each week preparing for lab work. Every Tuesday from 3 to 7 p.m. you will come to the DCTC Rosemount campus to practice your skills in a lab setting with your fellow students. An instructor will be present to offer guidance and feedback.

What do I need to do before the semester begins?

As an online student, you are required to complete an orientation before the semester begins. You will receive notice of this orientation and directions on how to complete your orientation requirements. You can purchase your books online or in the DCTC Bookstore.

2 Responses to Online Hybrid Option

  1. Sandra, Thomas says:

    spring 2016 I have finished the prerequisites classes for LPN. I ended with GPA number as 2.6. But, I am looking first to register for the Medical Assistant, program at Dakota County Technical College. If you would, I like an information in regarding this program. Such as: prerequisites, time and days of the week, session if is offer..

  2. Margaret Noirjean says:

    Check out the medical assistant page on for lots of info. You may also want to consider a Tuesday afternoon campus visit.

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