Laurie Kedrowski

What influenced your decision to enroll in our program?
I was in banking for 13 yrs. but I always had an interest in medicine and the medical field. Shortly after 9/11 I was informed that my employer had sold the company and all three of my grandmothers were in the process of passing away. They all passed in less than a 24 mo. Period. Anyway, I decided if I wanted to try a career change that it was a good time for it. I researched different avenues and schools and decided on DCTC.

Dates you were in program.
2005 – 2006

Any highlights or memories that you want to share?
I was able to make some good friendships that continue to this day.

What are you doing now?
After a year and a half of the most unbelievable experiences, I have left my first job. I am currently re-evaluating options. I left on great terms with the doctors and nurses I worked with. However, our new supervisor is having issues and many of the staff are leaving.  Those who haven’t wish they could.  I hope to find something part-time in my field in about a month.

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