Kao Vang

What influenced your decision to enroll in our program?
Something that influenced me to enroll in the program is hopes and dreams.  Not just those of my family and future, but I have a goal to become a doctor some day.  I figure it is a long way to go so decided that I should step my foot into the medical field and get started with seeing all the things a doctor does.

Dates you were in program.
Completed May 10, 2007

Any highlights or memories that you want to share?
Having to come to class and do all the hands-on things such as giving a shot, complete labs at the end of the semester and drawing blood.  It was hard work and I struggled at times, but it was always fun to come to class willing to learn new things with Patrice, Margaret and Kathy.  Those three teachers helped me get to where I wanted to be.

What are you doing now?
Now I am working at Fairview Ridges Clinic with pediatrics, internal medicine and drawing blood in the lab.  I’m having lots of fun, yet am able to explore more.

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