Jim Yates

What influenced your decision to enroll in our program?
Several factors influenced my decision to enroll in the DCTC Medical Assisting program but the key influence was Patrice Nadeau’s encouragement that I could meet the program requirements and receive my A.A.S. degree in a relatively short time. In addition to Patrice’s roll, the fact that the DCTC MA program was accredited influenced my decision, and, I was impressed with the lab equipment and course outlines.

I did want to “re-invent” myself and enter a new career that helped people, offered growth opportunities, and allowed me to be home at night versus the extensive business travel in my prior sales career.

Dates you were in program.
I began the MA program in August 2003 and attended DCTC as a full-time student completing the program in the summer of 2004. Incidentally, I was hired at Fairview Ridges Clinic, I believe, one year to the day from my beginning the program at DCTC. I did complete my externship at Ridges and enjoyed all the people I worked with and the support that I received from the nurses, supervisors, doctors, other MAs and the follow-up visits from you and Patrice.

Any highlights or memories that you want to share?
There are many pleasant memories for me like the hands on practical experience I received in your clinical classes and the lab, the encouragement I received from all of the instructors and my peers, and the occasional celebrations at Celts after classes.

What are you doing now?
After working at Fairview Ridges Clinic from August 2004 until January 2007 as the Primary assistant for an internal medicine physician and frequent floating responsibilities in the lab, I secured a full-time M.A. position with Hennepin County at the Adult Correctional Facility in Plymouth, MN. My prior education and experience in the criminal justice field in combination with my CMA credential made me a good fit for the responsibilities.

Other opportunities have been presented to me including consideration for a full-time instructor’s position at another private technical college (I did decline to pursue this, at least, for the time being).

I am glad that I chose to enter this field and believe anyone looking for a career in the medical field should look at the DCTC MA program as their first step. The program is comprehensive, the instructors and ancillary departments are supportive, and there are many opportunities for graduates that get the clinical experience and network within the professional association, AAMA.

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