Family Tree Clinic

Project: Raised money for Family Tree Clinic to enable the nonprofit clinic to fund the only STD hotline in the State of Minnesota.  Family Tree is a leading reproductive and sexual health care clinic. They strive to offer the best possible care at prices people can afford. They bring a unique perspective to health care services, putting the focus on education, accessibility and understanding.

Date: March 24 through April 17, 2008.

Planning: The students decided to raise money by having a Penny Contest on campus, a competitive game former students had introduced.  Students decided to provide educational materials regarding prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases to the campus community.

Marketing: Students decorated empty milk containers and place them in various departments after seeking permission on the east and west side of campus.  Posters, table tents, flyers and announcements via the Blue Report and intranet calendar created awareness about the cause.  Students provided the campus with an information bulletin board highlighting a sexual transmitted disease topic of the week, screening facts and tips.  Students also staffed a table of information in the central commons.

Results: Initiative, leadership and communication skills within the class were evident as some students assumed the responsibility of contacting Family Tree, and marketing the event.  Research and writing skills will be displayed for those that find information on specific diseases.  Interaction with student population occurred as some students staffed an information table in the central commons.

$180.00 was collected and donated to Family Tree for the Family Planning and STD hotline: 1-800-78-FACTS.

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