Scott-Carver-Dakota CAP Agency Seeks Marketing Intern

Published on: August 17, 2022

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The Scott-Carver-Dakota CAP Agency, Inc. program, with an office in Rosemount, MN, is seeking a Marketing Intern.

Most of the work can be done remotely, except for when the intern needs to cover community events. Those hours tend to be 4-7 p.m. on a weekday, or occasionally on a Saturday for a few hours. The largest need right now is someone who can do the online ad work.
Scott-Carver-Dakota CAP Agency, Inc. can pay an intern $17/hr, and it would increase if hired on in the future.
The intern would work approximately 20 hours a week this semester. They would be doing a variety of tasks, like:
  • Creating targeted FB/Instagram/etc. ads in the southern 1/2 of the Metro (Carver, Scott and Dakota Counties)
  • Setting up appointments with area service providers (other NPs, county staff, faith communities, etc. for us to do Energy Assistance outreach/awareness of program availability, so that staff can do 60-minute application trainings with providers [Last season, our State Energy Assistance forms had a 24% denial rate based on insufficient information provided to determine eligibility.]
  • Attending community events with staff to promote the program [We have 6-8 already scheduled for Sept/Oct]
  • Working with local and national marketing companies to order promotional items
  • Creating flyers and other grassroots promos for our Financial Education class series [Anyone getting Energy Assistance, water assistance, furnace repair/replacement qualifies to take the 2-night class, and we give them a huge pack of LED lightbulbs/power strips/electric timers/LED flashlights, rechargeable batteries, etc.]
  • Other tasks as assigned.
For more information, contact:
Lisa (Bah) Akinseye
Senior Manager-Energy Programs
651-322-3475 (direct for peers)
651-322-3519 (direct for Energy Assistance recipients/clients)
Scott-Carver-Dakota CAP Agency, Inc.
2496 145th St. W.

Rosemount,  MN 55068

DCTC offers marketing degrees in general marketing or digital marketing.

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