Minnesota State Employees Looking for Volunteer/Intern

Published on: April 13, 2020

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SEI State Employees, Inc. is looking for an energetic, passionate and organized individual who assist its board team and help with facilitating the front and back door operations of the organization.


  • Assist and address all inquiries that come through the email system
  • Direct all members and representatives in the right direction with their questions and concerns
  • Set up calendar appointments for meetings on any inquiries (meeting with vendors, board reviews, etc)
  • Take initiative to learn about board member’s duties to help assist as backup if another board member is not available
  • Draft up reports and track inventory
  • Document and report any interested vendors or request for certain vendors by members/reps/potential members and set up meeting for President to follow up
  • Update the Vendor list and keep track of contact details
  • Assist the President with contract details (President will instruct)
  • Assist with VP marketing campaigns
  • Assist with Annual and functional events and meetings (board regulated social events, etc)
  • Check emails, answer or delegate them accordingly and file them
  • Assist members with direction on discounts and where to locate selected offers
  • Research vendors and discounts for potential partnership (report to President)
  • Assist representatives who need assistance with miscellaneous tasks such as: finding new replacements, finding nearest reps for similar questions, helping them with their website technical issues, etc
  • Assist with website technical issues and inquires (setting up support tickets, figuring out how to resolve issues, make suggestions for enhancement of engagement or use, etc)
  • Make sure that all registration is approved (according to the regulations) and that welcome emails have been sent
  • Make sure that password reset and shopping function is working
  • Set up reports and issue any graphical marketing content with VP


  • Attentive and quick to answer all communication methods within timely fashion
  • Critical thinking
  • Integrity and good ethical behavior
  • Aptitude for organization
  • Creativity
  • Clear communication with respect for diversity and inclusion
  • Basic accounting skills
  • Willingness to take initiative for the best interest of the organization
  • Familiar with graphic design and basic computer skills


  • Familiar with Word Press or any graphic design programs (Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, etc.)
  • Advanced skills with computer programs (Microsoft Suite/Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Access/etc.)

Email for more information on this position: MAINHIA.LY@STATE.MN.US

Organization Website: https://mnsei.com/

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