DCTC AMA Club Pumpkin Carving Contest Entry

Published on: October 31, 2012

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Many Thanks to Stacey and Tara for Carving the 2012 DCTC AMA Club Pumpkin Carving Entry!

Here are the thoughts of Stacy on the creation:

“We decided on “collaboration” as being our main idea with the AMA organization. I did a bit of research and noted the Huddle software system available for business professionals to support collaboration and link people globally. This was our jumping off point. To avoid group thinking, we decided it takes listening and talking to represent the main idea. Collaborating requires a shared vision. “Bridging the gap between business to consumer as well as business to business via social media” is kind of our main idea.”

Stacey added, “we carved a large smiley face so that you can see inside of the pumpkin. We drew on cardboard covered with tinfoil (these will go on kabob skewers sticking out of the inside small squash as small ideas that together make up the main idea): a bridge, iPad, cellphone, computer, and a sky line to represent businesses. We drew 2 lil people stating “i talk” n “i listen” with social media symbols between them (twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, and Pinterest) to represent bridging the gap between people.”

“We filled the pumpkin with several small squash to represent that in order to collaborate and market to the majority of people, social media bridges the gap between business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) globally. The squash are different colors to represent the different ethnicities globally that are connected by marketing via twitter, Facebook, etc.”

DCTC AMA Club’s 2012 Student Life Pumpkin Carving Contest Entry

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