Minnesota State Approves DCTC’s Social Media Marketing Program

Published on: June 11, 2012

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Minnesota State officially approves DCTC’s Social Media Marketing AAS degree and certificate.

DCTC Social Media Marketing Program

Social media is an exciting and ever-evolving field. Once used as a quirky tool to stay in touch with old friends to now a massive marketing platform, capable of delivering ultra-targeted ads to a global audience, social media marketing generates web traffic, increases conversions and sales, and aids in branding, market research and building email lists. The growth in this industry created several different career choices, specific to social media marketing.

Social Media Specialist: The program you will master the tools and techniques critical to success, helping you to propel your marketing career, promote your business and boost the bottom line. You will gain skills to engage your audience and enhance your online presence by creating compelling content that generates quality traffic. Students will also learn how to leverage various monitoring methods to stay on the cutting edge of social media trends, and begin uncovering a vast array of exciting opportunities.

Work Environment

A social media marketing specialist oversees the implementation of different social media programs for clients. You will also need strong writing and grammar skills, as you may be assigned to blogging or other writing for potential clients. You will be expected to have quick turn-around on projects and be a multi-tasker. You must thrive in a entrepreneurial setting, be able to accomplish tasks on your own or as part of a team. You must be a self starter and have strong project management skills. You must already understand authentic marketing.

Potential Job Titles

  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Director
  • Social Media Analyst

Salary Data

  • Average Wage: $18.89/hour
  • Top Earners: $27.13/hour


  • Delivery: Daytime or Online Classes
  • Start: Fall, Spring or Summer Semester, Full- or Part-Time
  • Location: Rosemount Campus, Apple Valley Site

 Academic Advisor


  • Gayle Larson
    Dean of Business, Technology and General Education


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