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Published on: June 4, 2012

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Posted by Ching Ya | Repost by Carie Statz, DCTC Marketing and Sales Instructor 

This is a must read for those interested in getting the most out of their Facebook presence. For information on promoting using Facebook, take DCTC’s Social Media Marketing certificate or AAS degree offered this August.

timeline tips

20+ Facebook Security Tips and Timeline Features

For Personal Profiles:

#1  To View Upcoming Birthdays

Facebook has been great in ‘remembering’ our friends’ birthdays. You can view upcoming birthdays via this link (visibility depends on your friends’ privacy settings) and even the option to export the info.

friends birthdays

#2  To Hide Likes from Your Timeline

For those who have yet hidden their ‘Likes’ from Public before the launch of Timeline (but wanted to), go to this Favorites -> ‘Favorites’ -> Scroll down to locate ‘Other Pages You Like‘ -> Adjust your audience selector.

hide likes from timeline

#3  To Secure Your Facebook Account

Go to your Account Settings -> General -> Password ->Edit. Make sure ‘Log me out of my apps and other browsers’ is ticked at ALL times.

log out apps

#4  To Review Your Security Information

You can edit all your security info here except your security question.

update security information

#5  To Declutter Your News Feed with Acquaintances List

You can add friends to your Acquaintances List to see them less in your news feed. Go to this link –> select ‘Acquaintances’ and start configuring your list.

acquaintances list

#6  To Find Out Who Your Friends Subscribe to

Get Suggested Subscriptions from your friends based on the people they subscribe to.

suggested subscriptions

In the mean time, I’d love to connect with you on Facebook as well:

#7  To Remove All Imported Contacts

If you had previously allowed Facebook to import your contacts from your email services to find friends, you may consider removing all those info here.

remove imported contacts

#8  To Disable Tag Suggestions from Friends

Go to this link -> Timeline and Tagging -> Edit Settings ->  ‘Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?’ -> set to ‘No One’.

tag suggestions

#9  To Setup Tag-Review and Manage Tagged Items

To enable review before a tag from a friend goes live, go to your Privacy Settings -> Timeline and Tagging -> Edit Settings -> Turn ‘On’ both ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline‘ and ‘Review tags friends add to your own posts on Facebook’.

timeline and tagging

This privacy setting is not enough to stop friends from posting the tag on his/her own Timeline, including others whom their names had been tagged along with yours and approved it. That’s why you need to un-tag yourself sometimes. Select ‘Remove tag‘ in your Timeline and choose one of the options:

  • Remove the tag,
  • Request to take the post down,
  • Block your friend.

remove tag

#10  To Download Your Personal Info and Enhanced Archive

Besides your personal info, there’s an extra enhanced archive you should know about. Go to Account Settings -> Download a copy of your Facebook data -> Request to download archive. Secondly, click ‘expanded archive‘ as shown below and proceed with the second request.

expanded archive

#11  To Hide Your Chat Status

Access ‘Advanced Settings’ to adjust your online status to stay visible/invisible to a selected group of friends.

hide chat status

#12  To Convert New Page Back to Personal Account

Only use this form if you accidentally converted your personal account into a Page. Also, make sure you’re adhering to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, that is, personal profile is only for individual person and not a brand name.

profile convert to page

#13  To Follow Up Your Pending Friend Requests

I have been using this tip for quite some times now and so far, everything works great so thought I’ll give this another shout out: lists rock!

pending friend requests

For Facebook Pages:

#14  To View All Latest Photo Comments

Do you know you can switch to ‘Comment view’ for your photos? Go to Page Photos -> select the photo album -> click ‘Comment View’.

comment view

#15  To Hide Your Page Update from News Feed

When ‘Use Facebook as your page‘, an option ‘Hide from News Feed‘ is available to adjust your posting. I ran a test with it earlier and found it to be useful if want to squeeze in past events in your page Timeline.

hide from news feed

#16  To Highlight a Comment via Permalink

Particularly useful if you want to refer to a specific comment in a long comment thread.

comment permalink

#17  To Assign a Destination Tab is Possible… in Facebook Ads

You can assign a landing tab for your target audience when using Facebook Ads! Go to your page’s Build Audience -> Create an Ad to look for the option.

destination tab

#18  To Add a Page to Interest List

Interest Lists are different from friend lists, they can be public viewable (unless you set them private). Encourage your fans to add you to their interest list or configure a resourceful list for your fans (with your page in it) to subscribe to.

#19  Useful, Official Facebook Links

Newsroom: Facebook’s latest news, announcements and media resources

#20  Practical Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

 Enhance Your Page with Custom Apps and theseTimeline Ready Apps (not forgetting to secure your personal profile with essential Privacy Settings),

Repost by Carie Statz, DCTC Marketing and Sales Instructor

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