• Finding good web sites: Librarians’ Internet Index

    The motto of Librarians’ Internet Index is “Websites You Can Trust.” Updated weekly, this is an extensive database of websites on every subject under the sun, individually selected by librarians for their usefulness and reliability.

    With over 20,000 websites indexed, there are plenty to choose from! These include all kinds of trustworthy sites from government, academia, associations, and other sources. The LII home page usually features links related to current news and holidays.

    LII is one of my favorite resources and a great way to find reliable websites quickly!

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  • New titles in November 2008

    Here are some of the books and videos we added to our collection in the first half of November. You’ll find these and other great titles in our catalog, MnPALS Plus.

    Exploring psychology / David G. Myers
    MAIN BF121 .M935 2008

    The developing person through childhood / Kathleen Berger
    MAIN BF721 .B3664 2006

    Adult development and aging
    MAIN BF724.5 .P37 2007

    Minnesota goes to war : the home front during World War II / Dave Kenney
    MAIN D769.85 .M6 K46 2005

    American foreign policy : the dynamics of choice in the 21st century / Bruce Jentleson
    MAIN E840 .J46 1999

    Landscapes of Minnesota : a geography / John Hart Fraser
    MAIN F606.8 .H37 2008

    Henry Hastings Sibley : divided heart / Rhonda R. Gilman
    MAIN F606 .S56 G55 2004

    The falls of St. Anthony : the waterfall that built Minneapolis / Lucile M. Kane
    MAIN F614 .M557 K36 1987

    Latino Minnesota / Leigh Roethke
    MAIN F615 .S75 R64 2007

    New perspectives on Microsoft Office Project 2003 : introductory / Rachel B. Bunin
    MAIN HD69 .P75 B86 2005

    Microsoft Office Excel 2003 / Robert T. Grauer, Maryann Barber
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M523 G725 2004

    Microsoft Office Excel 2003 : comprehensive course / Judy Mardar
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M523 M322 2004

    Microsoft Excel 2002 : illustrated complete / Elizabeth Reding
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M523 R44 2002

    Go! with Microsoft Office Access 2003 : comprehensive / Linda Foster-Turpen, Jeffrey M. Howard
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M525 F678 2004

    Office XP : a professional approach : core / Deborah Hinkle
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M525 H56 2002

    Microsoft official academic course : Microsoft Office system 2003 edition
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M525 M54 2004

    New perspectives on Microsoft Office XP / June J. Parsons
    MAIN HF5548.4 .M525 P3722 2002

    Intercultural communication : a reader
    MAIN HM1211 .I57 2006

    The young child : development from prebirth through age eight
    MAIN HQ767.9 .B56 2009

    Guidance of young children / Marian Marion
    MAIN HQ772 .M255 2007

    Infants & toddlers / Terri Swim
    MAIN HQ778.63 .SP5 2007

    Literacy : helping students construct meaning / David J. Cooper
    MAIN LB1050.45 .C76 2009

    Beginnings & beyond : foundations in early childhood education / Ann Miles Gordon
    OVER LB1139.23 .G663 2004

    Family involvement in early childhood education : research into practice / Jennifer Prior
    MAIN LB1139.35 .P37 P75 2007

    Play at the center of the curriculum
    MAIN LB1139.35 .P55 P57 2007

    Early childhood experiences in language arts : early literacy / Jeanne Machado
    MAIN LB1139.5 .L35 M335 2007

    Literacy development in the early years : helping children read and write / Lesley Morrow
    MAIN LB1140.5 .L3 M667 2009

    A guidance approach for the encouraging classroom / Daniel Gartrell
    MAIN LB3012.2 .G37 2007

    Reflections : preparing for your practicum and internship / Mary Bold
    MAIN LC1072 .I58 B65 2008

    Home, school, and community relations / Carol Gestwicki
    MAIN LC225.3 .G47 2007

    Exceptional children and youth : an introduction to special education / Nancy Hunt
    MAIN LC3965 .H86 2002

    Exceptional lives : special education in today’s schools
    MAIN LC4031 .E87 2004

    Young children with special needs / Stephen Hooper
    MAIN LC4031 .U425 2009

    The long haul : an autobiography / Myles Horton
    MAIN LC5301 .M65 H69 1998

    The Prentice Hall guide for college writers / Stephen Reid
    MAIN PE1408 .R424 2006

    Perspectives on argument / Nancy V. Wood
    MAIN PE1431 .W66 2001

    Roget’s 21st century thesaurus in dictionary form : the essential reference for home, school, or office / Barbra Kipfer
    REF PE1591 .K54 2005

    The American Heritage college dictionary
    REF PE1628 .A6227 2007

    The American Heritage college dictionary
    MAIN PE1628 .A6227 2007

    The vampire Lestat / Anne Rice
    MAIN PS3568 .I265 V3 1985

    Understanding computers : today and tomorrow / Deborah Morley
    MAIN QA76.5 .P319 2008

    Practical computer literacy / June J. Parsons
    MAIN QA76.9 .C64 P37 2005

    Microsoft Office Access 2003 / Lisa Friedrichsen
    MAIN QA76.9 .D3 F75 2006

    Microsoft Access 2002 : illustrated complete / Lisa Friedrichsen
    MAIN QA76.9 .D3 F756 2002

    Microsoft Office Access 2003 comprehensive / Robert Grauer
    MAIN QA76.9 .D3 G71959 2004

    Microsoft Access 2002 complete tutorial / William Paewark
    MAIN QA76.9 .D3 P375 2002

    Respiratory physiology : the essentials / John B. West
    MAIN QP121 .W43 2008

    Gastrointestinal physiology
    MAIN QP145 .G27 2007

    Vitamins and minerals demystified / Steve N. Blake
    MAIN QP771 .B53 2008

    The disease fighters : the Nobel Prize in medicine / Nathan Aaseng
    MAIN R699 .A27 1987

    Guide to medical billing and coding
    MAIN R728.5 .G87 2007

    Maximizing billing and collections in the medical practice
    MAIN R728.5 .M394 2007

    Electronic health records : a guide for clinicians and administrators
    MAIN R864 .A42 2008

    The Merck manual of health & aging
    MAIN RA777.5 .M47 2005

    Mastering the reimbursement process / Joanne Waters
    MAIN RA981 .A2 U34 2008

    Step-by-step medical coding / Carol J. Buck
    MAIN RB115 .B82 2008

    Principles Of ICD-9-CM Coding / Deborah Grider
    MAIN RB115 .G75 2008

    A manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests / Frances Fischbach
    MAIN RB38.2 .F57 2009

    Prentice Hall’s handbook of laboratory & diagnostic tests : with nursing implications / Joyce LeFever Kee
    MAIN RB38.2 .K44 2009

    Mosby’s diagnostic and laboratory test reference / Kathleen Pagana
    MAIN RB38.2 .P337 2008

    Oncology nursing
    MAIN RC266 .O53 2007

    Stroke care : a practical manual / Rowan Harwood
    MAIN RC388.5 .H37 2005

    The amnesias : a clinical textbook of memory disorders / Andrew C. Papanicolaou
    MAIN RC394 .M46 P365 2006

    Oxford textbook of psychopathology
    MAIN RC454 .O94 2009

    How did this happen?: a practical guide to understanding eating disorders– for teachers, parents and coaches
    MAIN RC552 .E18 1999

    The asthma sourcebook / Francis V. Adams
    MAIN RC591 .A325 2007

    Fluids and electrolytes / Mary Baumberger-Henry
    MAIN RC630 .B28 2008

    Fluids and electrolytes demystified / Joyce Johnson
    MAIN RC630 .J64 2008

    The diabetes travel guide : how to travel with diabetes– anywhere in the world / Davida Kruger
    MAIN RC660.4 .K784 2006

    American Medical Association guide to preventing and treating heart disease : essential information you and your family need to know

    about having a healthy heart
    MAIN RC672 .L57 2008

    Living with coronary heart disease : a guide for patients and families / Jerome Granato
    MAIN RC685 .C6 G72 2008

    Pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology : an integrated, case-based approach / John B. West
    MAIN RC711 .W47 2007

    Gastrointestinal nursing / Graeme D. Smith
    MAIN RC802 .S615 2005

    The doctor’s guide to gastrointestinal health : preventing and treating acid reflux, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis,

    celiac disease, colon cancer, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, hernias and more / Paul Miskovitz
    MAIN RC806 .M57 2005

    First aid and CPR essentials / Alton Thygerson
    MAIN RC86.7 .T473 2007

    Wound care made incredibly easy!
    MAIN RD93.95 .W68 2007

    Health, safety, and nutrition for the young child / Lynn R. Marotz
    MAIN RJ101 .M347 2009

    Treatment planning in dentistry
    MAIN RK318 .T74 2007

    Prentice Hall nursing drug guide
    MAIN RM125 .N78

    The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy
    MAIN RM127 .M4 2006

    I.V. therapy demystified / Kerry Cheever
    MAIN RM170 .C464 2008

    Pharmacology / Joanna Holly
    MAIN RM301 .H58 2009

    The complete guide to psychiatric drugs : straight talk for best results / Edward Drummond
    MAIN RM315 .D87 2006

    Clinical calculations : with applications to general and specialty areas / Joyce LeFever Kee
    MAIN RS57 .K44 2009

    Telephone triage protocols for nurses / Julie K. Briggs
    MAIN RT120 .E4 B75 2007

    MAIN RT48.5 .N89 2008

    Handbook of nursing diagnosis / Lynda Carpenito-Moyet
    MAIN RT48.6 .C385 2008

    Nursing diagnosis : application to clinical practice
    MAIN RT48.6 .N869 2008

    Professional guide to diseases
    MAIN RT65 .P69 2009

    Principles of horticulture / Charles Adams
    MAIN SB318 .A33 2008

    Microsoft Powerpoint 2002 : illustrated introductory / David Beskeen
    MAIN T385 .B473 2002

    Go! with Microsoft Office / Alicia Vargas
    MAIN T385 .V337 2004

    New perspectives on Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 : comprehensive / Beverly Zimmerman
    MAIN T385 .Z55 2004

    Minnesota-Ontario iron ore railroads / Patrick Dorin
    MAIN TF677 .D665 2002

    Heating boiler operator’s manual : maintenance, operation, and repair / Mohammad Malek
    MAIN TJ289 .M35 2007

    Electrical theory DC and AC
    AV TK454 .D3 2009

    Mixed emulsions : altered art techniques for photographic imagery / Angela Cartwright
    MAIN TR395 .C335 2007

    Photographing weather / Storm Dunlop
    MAIN TR705 .D865 2007

    Performing with Microsoft Publisher : comprehensive course / Iris Blanc
    MAIN Z253.532 .M53 B53 2002

    Microsoft Office Word 2003 comprehensive / Robert Grauer
    MAIN Z52.5 .M52 G748 2004

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  • Finding GOOD web sites

    The Internet can be a terrific place to find up-to-date information for research papers and projects. In fact, these days the Web is the only place to find certain sorts of information. Government agencies, for example, are increasingly making their latest statistics available only in electronic format as they try to rein in costs (and save trees in the process.)

    You can also find invaluable, extensive and trustworthy information from Web sites put up by professional organizations and associations (examples: American Psychological Association, Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association), as well as sites related to programs heard on National Public Radio (like “All Things Considered”) or seen on public television (NOVA science programs.) These fine Web sites can be excellent supplements to books and journal articles as research sources.

    But, as every instructor knows, there’s also a lot of unreliable junk on the Net, as well. After all, anyone with a computer can put up a Web site. And when students simply Google their way through a research project, the results can be discouraging.

    So, given the mixed bag in the Web world, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? In a short series of short blog entries, I’ll present some tips to make your Web searching easy and fruitful. Look for the first installment next week!

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  • More new titles in October 2008

    Here are some of the books and videos we added to our collection in the last half of October. You’ll find these and other great titles in our catalog, MnPALS Plus.

    The Penguin factfinder
    REF AG106 .N49 2005

    Guinness world records 2009
    REF AG243 .G87 2008

    15,003 answers : the ultimate trivia encyclopedia / Stanley Newman
    REF AG243 .N496 2007

    Introduction to psychology / James W. Kalat
    OVER BF121 .K26 2007

    500 nations : an illustrated history of North American Indians / Alvin Josephy
    OVER E77 .J787 2002

    Minneosta yesterday & today / Layne Kennedy
    OVER F607 .K39 2006

    Rand McNally commercial atlas & marketing guide, 2003
    REF G1019 .R22 2003

    Small business sourcebook : the entrepeneur’s resource
    REF HD2346 .U5 S66

    World chamber of commerce directory
    REF HF294 .W75

    Wiley GAAP 2007 CD-ROM interpretation and application of generally accepted accounting principles
    AV HF5616 .U5 W55 2007

    Accounting / Carl S. Warren
    OVER HF5635 .F386 2007

    Principles of accounting / Belverd E. Needles
    OVER HF5635 .N35 2008

    Encyclopedia of women and American politics
    REF HQ1236.5 .U6 E52 2008

    How children develop / Robert Siegler
    OVER HQ767.9 .S534 2006

    Going public handbook : evolving SEC disclosure systems / Harold S. Bloomenthal
    REF KF1432.1 .B55

    The Oxford companion to American law
    REF KF154 .O96 2002

    International mechanical code 2006
    REF KF5708 .I55 2006

    RIA federal tax handbook
    REF KF6289 .R523

    Barron’s profiles of American colleges : descriptions of the colleges
    REF L901 .B323

    Minnesota measures : 2008 report on higher education performance
    OVER LB2322.2 .M56 2008

    Peterson’s study abroad
    REF LB2376 .P46

    Underground buildings : more than meets the eye / Loretta Hall
    OVER NA2542.7 .H35 2004

    Design secrets : furniture : 50 real-life projects uncovered / Laurel Saville
    OVER NK2260 .S28 2006

    The Oxford dictionary of word histories
    REF PE1580 .O94 2004

    Oxford large print thesaurus
    MAIN and REF PE1591 .O925 2004

    Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary
    MAIN and REF PE1628 .M36 2007

    The New York times dictionary of misunderstood, misused, mispronounced words / Laurence Urdang
    REF PE1680 .U7 2002

    The Oxford encyclopedia of children’s literature
    REF PN1008.5 .O94 2006

    Bowker’s news media directory
    REF PN4877 .B69

    Sustaining life : how human health depends on biodiversity
    OVER QH541.15 .B56 S96 200

    The Book of the states
    REF R353.9 B274 2007

    CPC coding exam review : the certification step / Carol J. Buck
    MAIN RB115.7 .B824 2008

    Dental assisting : a comprehensive approach / Donna Phinney
    OVER RK60.5 .P48 2008

    Foundations of therapeutic recreation
    OVER RM736.7 .F66 2008

    Minnesota State Fair : an illustrated history / Kathryn Koutsky
    OVER S555 .M666 K68 2007

    Fashion illustration with Photoshop / Kevin Tallon
    MAIN T385 .P54 T35 2008

    Trade shows worldwide
    REF T394 .T723

    Twin Cities by trolley : the streetcar era in Minneapolis and St. Paul / John W. Diers
    OVER TF725 .M6 D54 2007

    Red dot design yearbook
    OVER TS171 .A1 D469

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  • Science Online update

    I just received this update from Facts On File regarding our Science Online subscription. Check it out!

    This update includes many new features and records that tie current events to the study of science and also provide support to educators who will start preparing soon for final exams and science fair competitions.
    Check out our new Today’s Science and “Focus On” features on the home page, 60 new experiments, more than 125 new videos, more than 440 new and updated illustrations and photographs, and more than 100 new essays. The new content covers everything from artificial intelligence to tsunamis and the hydrosphere. Continue reading for more details about this update.
    New Today’s Science Feature
    Visit the home page to find our new Today’s Science feature box highlighting four articles on hot topics and recent discoveries and events in science. New articles will be added regularly to the feature box. Mouse over the article titles to see brief descriptions of and photos from the articles or click the article title or “More” link to read the complete article. Article contents menus appear at the top of each record. Today’s Science articles also appear under the All and News Articles search results tabs. This month’s featured content includes:

    SCIENCE ONLINE New Todays Science Special Feature Water-Splitting to Store Solar Energy: Learn about the challenges of storing solar power efficiently and cheaply.

    Insect Altruism-More Than a Family Matter?: Read E.O. Wilson’s observations about insects such as worker bees, group selection, and evolution.

    Explosion of Luck: Scientists Observe the Birth of a Supernova: Find out how scientists discovered the X-ray pattern that signals the birth of a supernova.

    Mars Wet-Chemistry: Phoenix Finds Ice: Explore the question “Could life have existed on Mars?”

    Click here to visit the home page and check out this new feature.

    New Videos
    More than 125 new videos on topics such as electricity and magnetism, genetics, and botany have been added to Science Online
    . The videos are clear, short, and easy-to-follow. They provide educators with a great way to engage users who learn more effectively by watching and listening as scientific concepts are demonstrated, instead of focusing purely on reading assignments. The video records include links to related content, such as other videos, experiments, diagrams, essays, terms, and more. Libraries and educators can link to the records on their subject and homework Web pages using the “record URLs” provided at the bottom of each page. Examples of new videos include:

    New Essays
    More than 100 essays on a variety of topics, including core topics in chemistry and Earth science as well as hot topics such as renewable resources and climate change, are new with this update. Essays exploring the environment and the fragility of our planet link science to current events and provide a helpful starting point not only to environmental science educators but also to those studying current events and participating in this year’s National High School Debate on alternative energy incentives. Other essays on topics such as the quantum model cover essential content required by the science curriculum and incorporate helpful illustrations within the
    essays. Examples of new essays include:

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  • Old magazine and journal issues

    2009 will be here soon and we’ll need to discard old magazine and journal issues to make room for new ones. Please see this Excel spreadsheet of the issues we’re getting rid of and contact us if you’d like any of them. Thanks!

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  • Election Web Links

    In the final run-up to the 2008 election, here’s a set of informative and fascinating web links regarding the upcoming election. You’ll find clips from the debates (searchable by topic discussed), candidate interviews, news stories, background and analysis, and more.
    This comes from Librarians’ Internet Index, a wonderful compilation of trustworthy Web sites.

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  • New titles in October 2008

    Here are some of the books and videos we added to our collection in the first half of October. You’ll find these and other great titles in our catalog, MnPALS Plus.

    The Old farmer’s almanac
    MAIN AY81.F3 F37 2009

    Human development : a life-span view / Robert V. Kail
    MAIN BF713 .K336 2007

    Manners / Aliki
    JUV BJ1857.C5 A39 1992

    Let’s read about– Pocahontas / Kim Weinberger
    JUV E99.P85 P69 2003

    Let’s read about– Squanto / Sonia Black
    JUV E99.W2 S623 2002

    Minnesota : a history / William E. Lass
    MAIN F606 .L35 2000

    Mexicans in Minnesota / Dennis Valdés
    MAIN F615.M5 V35 2005

    Swedes in Minnesota / Anne G. Lewis
    MAIN F615.S23 L49 2004

    Fixing failed states : a framework for rebuilding a fractured world / Ashraf Ghani
    MAIN JC328.7 .G43 2008

    Patterson’s American education
    REF L901 .P3

    College success strategies / S. Nist-Olejnik
    MAIN LB2395 .N545 2006

    Below ground level : creating new spaces for contemporary architecture
    MAIN NA2542.7 .B45 2003

    AIA guide to the Twin Cities : the essential source on the architecture of Minneapolis and St. Paul / Larry Millett
    MAIN NA735.M5 M53 2007

    The intimate landscape : a new look at the origins of the American Barbizon movement / Estelle Riback
    MAIN ND1351.5 .R53 2004

    Where’s the rest of me? / Ronald Reagan
    MAIN PN2287.R25 A3 1965

    Fiction : an introduction to reading and writing / Edgar Roberts
    MAIN PN3353 .R615 1989

    The New Oxford book of American verse
    MAIN PS584 .N4 1976

    The Thanksgiving surprise / Peggy Archer
    JUV PZ7.A734 Tha 2007

    What a party! / Sandy Asher
    JUV PZ7.A816 Wh 2008

    One winter’s day / Christina M. Butler
    JUV PZ7.B97738 One 2007

    Snow friends / Christina M. Butler
    JUV PZ7.B98 Sn 2006

    The cow who clucked / Denise Fleming
    JUV PZ7.F5994 Cow 2006

    Tickly octopus/ Ruth Galloway
    JUV PZ7.G13853 Tic 2007

    A Kwanzaa miracle / Sharon S. Gayle
    JUV PZ7.G2414 Kw 2004

    There’s a hole in my pocket : based on a traditional American song / Akimi Gibson
    JUV PZ7.G3595 Th 1994

    Pinkalicious / Victoria Kann
    JUV PZ7.K12774 Pin 2008

    The leaves are falling one by one / Steve Metzger
    JUV PZ7.M489 Le 2007

    The amazing turkey rescue / Steve Metzger
    JUV PZ7.M5596 Ama 2007

    Andrew’s loose tooth / Robert Munsch
    JUV PZ7.M927 An 2002

    Nice try, Tooth Fairy / Maty W. Olson
    JUV PZ7.O47 N53 2002

    A kiss goodbye / Audrey Penn
    JUV PZ7.P38448 Khs 2007

    The wind blew / Pat Hutchins
    JUV PZ8.3.H965 Wi 1993

    What will I do if I can’t tie my shoe? / Heidi Kilgras
    JUV PZ8.3.K553 Wh 1997

    Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? / Bill Martin
    JUV PZ8.3.M418 Bab 2007

    Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah / Susan L. Roth
    JUV PZ8.3.R747 Han 2004

    Animal strike at the zoo, it’s true! / Karma Wilson
    JUV PZ8.3.W6976 An 2006

    Moose tracks! / Karma Wilson
    JUV PZ8.3.W6976 Mo 2008

    Elementary and intermediate algebra / Alan S. Tussy
    MAIN QA152.3 .T86 2006

    Intermediate algebra / Charles P. McKeague
    MAIN QA154.3 .M3424 2008

    Basic mathematics for college students / Alan S. Tussy
    MAIN QA43 .T87 2007

    Introduction to chemical principles / H. Stephen Stoker
    MAIN QD33.2 .S76 2008

    The magic school bus fights germs / Kate Egan
    JUV QR57 .E454 2008

    HMO/PPO directory : detailed profiles of U.S. managed healthcare organizations & key decision makers
    REF RA413.5. U5H58

    Seeing both sides : classic controversies in abnormal psychology / Scott Lilienfeld
    MAIN RC454.4 .L55 1995

    The depression workbook : a guide for living with depression and manic depression / Mary Ellen Copeland
    MAIN RC537 .C683 2001

    The excruciating history of dentistry : toothsome tales & oral oddities from Babylon to braces / James Wynbrandt
    MAIN RK29 .W86 2000

    Psychology and dentistry : mental health aspects of patient care / William A. Ayer
    MAIN RK53 .A899 2005

    The PDR pocket guide to prescription drugs
    MAIN RS75 .P376

    Soares book on grounding and bonding
    MAIN TK 3227 .S592 2008

    New perspectives on the Internet : comprehensive / Gary Schneider
    MAIN TK5105.875.I57 S36 2006

    Land of amber waters : the history of brewing in Minnesota / Doug Hoverson
    MAIN TP573.U5 H68 2007

    The non-designer’s design book : design and typographic principles for the visual novice / Robin Williams
    MAIN Z246 .W634 2008

    Calligraphy for the beginner / Tom Gourdie
    MAIN Z43. G664 2003

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  • Welcome from the Reference Librarian!

    Welcome to our Library blog!
    As reference librarian, I help students with their research, both individually and in classroom orientations. My regular hours are M-F, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (with some variation.)
    Instructors: I am happy to do library/research orientations for your classes and can adjust my schedule to fit your class meeting times. These are information-packed, hands-on sessions held in the library’s classroom.
    You can find me at the Reference Desk in the Library, phone me at 651-423-8345 or e-mail me at Barbara.Tuttle@dctc.edu.

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  • Read this blog as an RSS feed

    RSS is a technology that allows you to receive web page updates (or “feeds”) as they happen, without having to go to the web page. Most blogs and news sites are available via RSS, so you can subscribe, get all of your updates in one place, and not have to check each web site a million times a day.
    Here’s how to subscribe to the DCTC Library blog using Outlook:

    1. In Outlook, click on Tools and select Account Settings from the drop down menu.
    2. Click on the RSS Feeds tab in the window that pops up.
    3. Click on New.
    4. Copy and paste https://blogs.dctc.edu/library/feed/ into the box that pops up.
    5. Click on the Add button.

    Your RSS subscriptions will appear under RSS Feeds in your Outlook mail folders, right between Outbox and Sent Items.

    Google offers a free, web-based feed reader which you can access from anywhere. See their instructions on how to add feeds and start reading!

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