• Gale PowerSearch 2.0

    From the June 2009 Gale Product Update Bulletin:

    Gale PowerSearch 2.0 Now Available

    Since its launch in 2002, the Gale PowerSearch platform has offered comprehensive access to authoritative reference, periodical and primary source information. Gale has incorporated new enhancements, creating Gale PowerSearch 2.0, a platform providing even greater ease and giving more power to the user. Gale PowerSearch 2.0 simplifies browsing through Gale’s more than 20,000 publications, providing the ability to search across more than 150 million documents.
    Improvements include:

    • Web 2.0 sharing tools including Del.icio.us, MySpace, Reddit, Digg, Facebook, Newsvine, Twitter and others to connect users with their community, allowing them to push interesting articles out to the Web to share with others
    • ReadSpeaker (text-to-speech technology), allowing users to have all articles available from within the platform read aloud to them. All articles are fully downloadable in MP3 file format and can be played on an iPod or other audio devices
    • Addition of “named user” functionality, allowing researchers to create custom profiles, name and save any search and modify RSS feeds on the product’s homepage, thus facilitating ongoing research and supporting user’s interests
    • Search results that incorporate portals of context sensitive multimedia (images, video and podcasts)
    • On demand translation of documents into 11 different languages, helping institutions support a global community of users

    Visit the Gale PowerSearch web site for more information. Happy researching!

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  • Understanding Iran and the recent election

    For reliable news and updates on the recent election in Iran and its aftermath, check out the following Web sites:

    The BBC News Special Report on Iran: In-depth reporting and late-breaking news from the British Broadcasting Corporation, renowned for its coverage of world affairs.

    The New York Times Middle East page: Current news stories, in-depth reports and analysis on the Middle East, currently focusing on the Iran crisis.

    To understand the news from Iran, it helps to have credible background information. Here’s a link to information on Iran from the World Factbook, published by the U.S. government.

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  • Credo Reference content update

    Credo Reference added the following new titles in May:

    Credo Reference has also updated the following titles to the latest available edition:


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  • Web sites on Pakistan and Afghanistan

    These days all eyes are on Pakistan and Afghanistan as the volatile “hot spots” that most concern national security.

    Here are two information-packed Web sites, one with updates, the other providing background and analysis. The links and commentary are from Librarians’ Internet Index .

    Conflict Zones: Pakistan & Afganistan
    Ongoing coverage of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan-Pakistan relations. Provides documentaries and reports on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, the Taliban, politicians and elections, and U.S. policy. Includes video dispatches from the region, and related links. From Frontline/World, a national public television series produced by KQED and WGBH.

    Rough Neighbors: Afghanistan and Pakistan
    This 2003 article provides historical context for contemporary Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, noting that after “the end of the Cold War this relationship became a prime facilitator of the international terrorist network, which found its locus in the region.” Covers effects of the Pashtun movement back to the 19th century, the Taliban, the “Pashtunwali” code, elections in Pakistan, and related topics. From Strategic Insights, an electronic journal from the Center for Contemporary Conflict, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School.

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  • Summer hours

    Today is the first day of the summer session and the Library’s hours have changed. From now until August, we’ll be open from 8 AM to 12 PM, Monday through Friday.

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  • Free books

    Please see our spreadsheet of May 2009 Library discards and contact us if you’d like any of them.

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  • New titles in April

    Please see this spreadsheet for a list of books and videos we added to our collection in April. You’ll find these and other great titles in our catalog, MnPALS Plus.

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  • Swine flu resources

    Looking to distinguish fact from hype? Here are some reliable sites to keep you informed on the developing swine flu situation:

    Up-to-date and in-depth information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Swine flu info and current news from the World Health Organization.

    And finally, a couple of links from the New York Times (copy and paste the links to read the articles):

    A news article from April 28, 2009: “Border Controls Are Tighter As Swine Flu Cases Rise”:

    and a Q&A, answering readers’ questions:

    Wash those hands, and stay healthy!

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  • Credo Reference

    The DCTC Library now subscribes to Credo Reference! Credo Reference is a full-text online reference service. The collection includes over 3,200,000 entries from more than 400 well-regarded titles from some of world’s the best reference publishers. Credo’s collection is intelligently integrated with millions of cross-references and contains dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, quotations, and atlases, plus a wide range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy, science to Shakespeare, and law to literature [Adapted from Credo Reference’s Library Services page].

    Give it a try. Just go to the DCTC Library home page and enter a topic in the box labeled Search Credo Reference. Enjoy!

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  • For Earth Day, a few good Web sites

    Looking to “green” your home, watch some frogs or bursting buds? Some recommended Web sites, courtesy of Librarians’ Internet Index:

    Sierra Club Green Home
    Dedicated to helping you create “a more sustainable home environment.” Main topics include reducing energy consumption (and a home carbon dioxide calculator), solar energy, and home health hazards (such as radon, pesticides, and mold). The “Learn More” section includes content organized by subjects such as bath, cleaning, flooring, landscaping, and plumbing. Also includes a video library. From the Sierra Club.

    Frogwatch USA
    “Frogwatch USA is a Citizen Science Monitoring Program that gives you the opportunity to help scientists conserve amphibians.” On this site read the eight easy steps for becoming a frog-watching volunteer, discover the instructions for frog-watching, and learn about the frog species in your state (including images and sounds). From the National Wildlife Federation.

    Project Budburst
    Another way to be a citizen scientist. “Join thousands of others in gathering valuable environmental and climate change information from across the country. Project BudBurst engages the public in making careful observations of the phenophases such as first leafing, first flower, and first fruit ripening of a diversity of … [plants] in their local area.” Learn how to join, review illustrated field guides (on wildflowers, grasses, trees, and more), and see data. From the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. You can even join them on Facebook!

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