Tuesday is national Take a Hike Day!

Published on: November 16, 2020

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Happy Take a Hike Day! And no, it doesn’t mean “get out of here” – it literally means to put on some shoes and go for a hike outside. While there isn’t much information about the history of Take a Hike Day, it was apparently started by the American Hiking Association to encourage people to try hiking. The health benefits of hiking are manyfold, including increasing muscle and bone strength, improving balance, decreasing stress and anxiety, and building relationships with companions. It’s an easy activity to begin, without a need for much equipment beyond shoes and a water bottle. And the best part for right now? It’s covid-friendly! Outdoor activities where you can socially distance are supported and encouraged at this time, and hiking definitely fits the bill.

If you’d like to hike but aren’t sure where, Dakota County has numerous parks and trails that are all open now. Other counties have trails as well; just search for your county name and ‘hiking’. The state also maintains numerous paved and unpaved trails.

If you have questions about hiking, feel free to email library@dctc.edu! We’ll do our best to help.


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