New titles for December 2008

Published on: December 19, 2008

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Here are some of the books we added to our collection in the last half of November. You’ll find these and other great titles in our catalog, MnPALS Plus.

The New York times 2009 almanac
MAIN AY67 .N5 N48 2009

On apology / Aaron Lazare
MAIN BF575 .A75 L39 2004

Body language 101 : the ultimate guide to knowing when people are lying, how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and more / David Lambert
MAIN BF637 .N66 L37 2008

The Chinese / Jasper Becker
MAIN DS706 .B393 2002

Teaching spirits : understanding Native American religious traditions / Joseph E. Brown
MAIN E98 .R3 B753 2001

The voyageur’s highway : Minnesota’s border lake land / Grace Lee Nute
MAIN F606 .N97 2002

The Bohemian Flats
MAIN F614 .M56 B64 1986

Chinese in Minnesota / Sherri Fuller
MAIN F615 .C5 F85 2004

Germans in Minnesota / Kathleen Neils Conzen
MAIN F615 .G3 C66 2003

Poles in Minnesota / John Radzilowski
MAIN F615 .P7 R33 2005

The real estate math handbook : simplified solutions for the real estate investor / Jamaine Burrell
MAIN HD1382.5 .B86 2007

Small business for dummies / Eric Tyson
MAIN HD62.7 .T97 2008

The cigarette century : the rise, fall, and deadly persistence of the product that defined America / Allan M. Brandt
MAIN HD9130.8 .U5 B72 2007

AdWords for dummies / Howie Jacobson
MAIN HF5415.1265 .J33 2007

The new rules of marketing and PR : how to use news releases, blogs, podcasting, viral marketing, & online media to reach buyers directly / David Meerman Scott
MAIN HF5415.1265 .S393 2007

The marketing power of emotion / John O’Shaughnessy
MAIN HF5415.32 .O743 2003

Virtual assistant– the series : become a highly succeeful, sought after VA / Diana Ennen
MAIN HF5547.25 .E56 2004

Professional office procedures / Susan H. Cooperman
MAIN HF5547.5 .C66 2009

Calculator applications for business / Sandra Yelverton
MAIN HF5548.2 .Y439 2006

Accounting for dummies / John A. Tracy
MAIN HF5635 .T678 2008

Accounting for managers / John J. Glynn
MAIN HF5657.4 .A27 2008

QuickBooks 2008 : the missing manual / Bonnie Biafore
MAIN HF5679 .B5323 2008

QuickBooks 2008 solutions guide : for business owners and accountants / Laura Madeira
MAIN HF5679 .M27 2008

Quickbooks 2008 for dummies / Stephen Nelson
MAIN HF5679 .N44957 2008

Using Peachtree complete accounting 2008 / Glenn Owen
MAIN HF5679 .O42 2009

Reading financial reports for dummies / Lita Epstein
MAIN HF5681 .B2 E67 2005

How to read a financial report : wringing vital signs out of the numbers / John A. Tracy
MAIN HF5681 .B2 T733 2004

Business math for dummies / Mary Sterling
MAIN HF5691 .S674 2008

Gaines and Coleman real estate math : what you need to know / Linda Crawford
MAIN HF5695.5 .R3 G35 2005

Hedge funds for dummies / Ann C. Logue
MAIN HG4530 .L598 2007

All about derivatives : the easy way to get started / Michael Durbin
MAIN HG6024 .A3 D87 2006

Handbook of girls’ and women’s psychological health
MAIN HQ1206 .H2383 2006

Signing illustrated : the complete learning guide / Mickey Flodin
MAIN HV2474 .F56 2004

Violence in the home : multidisciplinary perspectives / Karel Kurst-Swanger
MAIN HV6626 .K83 2003

Prying eyes : privacy in the twenty-first century / Betsy Kuhn
MAIN JC596 .K84 2008

Nolo’s patents for beginners / David Pressman
MAIN KF3114.6 .P737 2006

Trademark : legal care for your business & product name / Stephen Elias
MAIN KF3180 .Z9 E43 2007

Consultant & independent contractor agreements / Stephen Fishman
MAIN KF898 .F567 2008

Psychology applied to teaching / Jack Snowman
MAIN LB1051 .B452117 2009

Learning and instruction : theory into practice / Margaret E. Gredler
MAIN LB1060 .G73 2001

Guiding young children / Patricia F. Hearron
MAIN LB1140.2 .H52 2009

Guiding young children : a problem-solving approach / Eleanor Reynolds
MAIN LB1140.2 .R495 2008

The compassionate classroom : relationship-based teaching and learning / Sura Hart
MAIN LB3013 .H357 2004

Historic homes of Minnesota / Roger Kennedy
MAIN NA7235 .M6 K46 2006

Late 19th century furniture by Berkey & Gay / Brian L. Witherell
MAIN NK2439 .B47 A4 1998

Action meets word : how children learn verbs
MAIN P118 .A174 2006

The creative process / Carol Burke
MAIN PE1408 .B883837 1993

The Oxford book of children’s verse in America
MAIN PS586.3 .O94 1985

Supporting users and troubleshooting desktop applications on a Microsoft Windows XP operating system / Joli Ballew

The practical PC / June J. Parsons
MAIN QA76.5 .P37 2008

Dire predictions : understanding global warming / Michael E. Mann
MAIN QC981.8 .G56 M365 2008

Using the electronic health record in the health care provider practice / Shirley Eichenwald
MAIN R864 .E38 2008

Cultural diversity in health and illness / Rachel Spector
MAIN RA418.5 .T73 S64 2009

The blue zone : lessons for living longer from the people who’ve lived the longest / Dan Buettner
MAIN RA776.75 .B84 2008

Bipolar disorder : a guide for patients and families / Francis Mark Mondimore
MAIN RC516 .M64 2006

16 myths of a diabetic diet / Karen Chalmers
MAIN RC662 .C45 2007

Child development / Fergus Hughes
MAIN RJ131 .H84 1996

Radiographic imaging for the dental team
MAIN RK309 .M384 2009

NCLEX-PN review made incredibly easy! /
MAIN RT62 .N3366 2009

Real world Adobe Photoshop CS3 : industrial-strength production techniques / David Blatner
MAIN T385 .B57647 2008

Adobe illustrator CS3 how-tos : 100 essential techniques / David Karlins
MAIN T385 .K35243 2008

Mastering Photoshop Cs3 for Print Design and Production / Ted LoCascio
MAIN T385 .L617 2007

Adobe CS3 web workflows : building web sites with Adobe Creative Suite 3 / Joseph Lowery
MAIN T385 .L694 2008

The Adobe Illustrator CS3 Wow! book : tips, tricks, and techniques from 100 top Illustrator artists / Sharon Steuer
MAIN T385 .S75833 2008

Minnesota logging railroads / Frank Alexander King
MAIN TF24 .M6 K56 2003

The architecture of light : architectural lighting design concepts and techniques / Sage Russell
MAIN TH7703 .R87 2008

Geothermal power
MAIN TJ280.7 .G446 2007

Solar power
MAIN TJ810 .S715 2007


MAIN TK1081 .W287 2006

Search engine optimization for dummies / Peter Kent
MAIN TK5105.884 .K46 2008

Letting go of the words : writing Web content that works / Janice Redish
MAIN TK5105.888 .R427 2007

Content rich : writing your way to wealth on the Web / Jon Wuebben
MAIN TK5105.888 .W84 2008

Dreamweaver CS3 / David Sawyer McFarland
MAIN TK5105.8885 .D74 M3922 2007

The cell phone handbook : everything you wanted to know about wireless telephony (but didn’t know who or what to ask) / Penelope Stetz
MAIN TK6570 .M6 S74 2001

Nuclear power
MAIN TK9148 .N83 2007

MAIN TP325 .C5135 2007

Biomass : energy from plants and animals
MAIN TP339 .B5646 2007

Natural gas
MAIN TP350 .N35 2007

MAIN TP355 .O38 2007

MAIN TP359 .H8 H93 2006

Alternative digital photography / John G. Blair
MAIN TR267 .B5855 2008

The book of alternative photographic processes / Christopher James
MAIN TR350 .J35 2009

Hungry planet : what the world eats / Peter Menzel
MAIN TX353 .M43 2007

The best of brochure design 07
MAIN Z246 .B482 2003

The best of brochure design 9 / Jason Godfrey
MAIN Z246 .G63 2006

Design matters, brochures : an essential primer for today’s competitive market / Michelle Taute
MAIN Z246 .T38 2008

Art direction + editorial design / Yolanda Zappaterra
MAIN Z246 .Z37 2007

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 step by step / Joyce Cox
MAIN Z253.532 .M53 C677 2008

The calligrapher’s bible : 100 complete alphabets and how to draw them / David Harris
MAIN Z43 .H27 2003

Blogs, Wikipedia, Second life, and Beyond : from production to produsage / Axel Bruns
MAIN ZA4482 .B78 2008


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