Welcome to the web site for the Landscape Horticulture Blog at Dakota County Technical College.

We are a two-year program training students for employment in the green industry. In our home state of Minnesota, more than 3,000 companies, large and small, together generate annual gross sales greater than two billion dollars and growing. Those companies employ more than 25,000 people, with employment needs continuing to grow into the future.

Our students train for a wide variety of careers. Many graduates are successful landscape designers. Others install or manage landscapes and gardens, including such features as decks or retaining walls, landscape irrigation, or landscape lighting. Some alumni work as growers in greenhouses or nurseries. Many are employed in garden centers, engaged in retail sales to customers. Municipal park systems, golf courses, or tree care companies also hire our graduates. Nor do we neglect interior landscaping. Many of our graduates operate their own successful businesses: we provide training not only in the technical aspects of the trade, but also in business and management skills.

Our Mission

It is our mission to train students for a successful career in landscape horticulture. Our graduates will be ethical professionals knowledgeable and competent in the science, art, practices, and business of landscape horticulture.

They will be supportive of trade and professional organizations. Our program will enable students to forge successful careers, will serve the landscape industry through training and other supporting activities, and will serve the needs of the broader public and the environment through the expertise and professionalism of our graduates.

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