UB Student Recognized as Dell Scholar

Burnsville High senior Suhaib Hussein receives prestigious national honor

Suhaib Hussein, 18, a senior at Burnsville High School and a TRIO/Upward Bound student at Dakota County Technical College, has been named a 2024 Dell Scholar.

According to the Dell Scholars program: “Dell Scholars demonstrate a unique set of characteristics in their quest for a college education: Drive. Tenacity. Ambition. They are students who are motivated and dream big, who know the journey to reach their goals won’t be easy but have the commitment and determination to continue working every day.”

(center) Suhaib Hussein

Suhaib is excited about joining a group of 500 students across the nation chosen annually to receive comprehensive support and a scholarship crafted to establish an optimal route to his graduation and beyond.

“Becoming a Dell Scholar is more than just an award,” Suhaib said, “it’s a ray of hope, a pillar I can fall back on and a promise of opportunity.”

Husni Hussein is Suhaib’s Upward Bound advisor. Husni is impressed by Suhaib’s work ethic. “Having the opportunity to see Suhaib’s growth has been rewarding,” Husni said. “His resilience in facing challenges is inspiring and has provided motivation to those around him. As his advisor, I am grateful to support his growth and am excited for what lies ahead for him.”

Caitlin Siefkes, TRIO/Upward Bound director at DCTC, reported that Upward Bound provides academic and personal support as well as guidance to help qualifying high school students get to college.

“Low-income and/or potential first-generation college students have college potential, but may lack awareness of the many academic and career options possible after high school,” Caitlin said. “The DCTC Upward Bound program closes that gap.”

More about Suhaib…

Hometown: Burnsville, Minnesota
Year graduating from Burnsville High School: 2024
Extracurricular activities in high school: Upward Bound, boxing, soccer, National Honor Society, Muslim Student Association, library assistant, general volunteering(tutoring, food banks)
College plans: Dual-major in computer science and data science
Future career plans: Scientist in the computer and data fields
Pastimes and hobbies: Likes boxing, reading, lifting weights, playing soccer and video games, but most of his time is spent doing homework
Family: Mom, dad, and two older siblings

Three words that describe you as an Upward Bound student:

More about the Dell Scholars program…¹

The Dell Scholars program works to provide our students with personalized, multifaceted academic, financial, and emotional support needed to navigate college and launch a successful career. We know it takes more than financial support to succeed in higher education.

Alongside a college scholarship and individualized guidance, scholars have access to a suite of resources from teletherapy to essential technology and textbook credits. The program strives to empower students to be hands on and chart their own path to achieve their goals.


Suhaib Hussein Q & A

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a DCTC Upward Bound student?

I’ve enjoyed the sense of community fostered by DCTC Upward Bound. The workshops Upward Bound has provided equipped me with the tools and knowledge to navigate challenges and strive for excellence. DCTC Upward Bound has not only helped me academically, but has also empowered me to become a better version of myself, both personally and professionally.

How has Upward Bound helped you prepare for college?

Upward Bound has been very helpful in preparing me for college in several ways. The workshops and Saturday sessions provided a structured environment where I could enhance my academic skills, such as study techniques, time management, and test-taking strategies. It also gave me confidence in my ability as a student and set the groundworks for me.

What advice would you give high school students thinking about participating in Upward Bound?

If you’re considering participating in Upward Bound, my advice is simple: go for it! You won’t regret joining this transformative program.

If you could make one thing happen on Earth right now, what would it be?

I would put an end to corruption in all its forms. I firmly believe that by doing so, we could alleviate numerous global challenges, including but not limited to world hunger.

One word that best describes your experience in DCTC Upward Bound:


Learn more about TRIO/Upward Bound at DCTC by contacting:

Caitlin Siefkes
TRIO/Upward Bound Director
Dakota County Technical College

¹ SOURCE: Dell Scholars

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