Bounce Back Program

Delivers assistance to students committed to boosting their academic performance

The Bounce Back Program at Dakota County Technical College provides comprehensive, campus community support to students motivated to improve their academic performance. As a student in the program, you will be matched with an advisor who will help you identify your scholastic strengths and show you how to apply those strengths toward your educational goals.

The Bounce Back Program includes seven workshops that explore the seven key components of student success. Attending all seven workshops is a program requirement as well as the best way to acquire all six Bounce Back benefits.

Bounce Back: Seven Workshops

  1. How to prepare for a successful semester
  2. Time management techniques
  3. Understanding personal barriers to academic success
  4. Study skills development
  5. Procrastination busters
  6. Smarter goals
  7. Creating a plan to a successful graduation

Bounce Back: Six Benefits

  1. One-on-one time with your academic advisor
  2. Chances to win prizes and scholarships
  3. Streamlined appeal process
  4. Higher rate of success
  5. Improved time management and study skills
  6. Success lunch breaks


Advisor perspectives…

Marki Struensee serves as an academic and financial aid advisor at the college. Marki reported that two DCTC academic advisors attended the College of Education Appreciative Advising Institute during the summer of 2016 as part of a U.S. Department of Education $3.2 million Title III grant.

“This Appreciate Advising Institute focused on the importance of building strong connections with students to increase success and retention,” Marki said. “Our team of advisors used this model to create the Bounce Back Program.”

Marki added that the program supports students who have been placed on academic warning, suspension or are in a probationary status. Students in the program are part of a learning community that shares the common goal of improving academic performance. Students gain access to the resources and best practices they need to find success in an environment that counters the negative connotations of performing below satisfactory academic progress.

“This opportunity allows students to learn about their strengths and how to apply them toward their educational goals,” Marki said. “Each student will be matched with an advisor who will help them make meaningful connections with resources and faculty across campus.”

“Bounce Back provides a great opportunity to get to work with students more closely that traditional advising wouldn’t allow. We are excited to continue growing this program and helping students!”
— DCTC Academic Advisors

Dakota County Technical College: Academic Advisors

Academic and Financial Aid Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Marki Struensee
Athletic Coordinator & Academic and Financial Aid Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Erin Lund
Academic & Financial Aid Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Karianne Loula
Testing Coordinator & Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Jonathan O’Hara
Academic and Financial Aid Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Stacy Pederson
Accessibility Services Coordinator and Academic/Financial Aid Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Natalie Shrestha
Academic and Financial Aid Advisor
Areas of Expertise

Administrator perspective…

Anne Johnson, MBA, vice president of student affairs at DCTC, oversees the Bounce Back Program. Anne related that Bounce Back has traditionally been a fully in-person program with workshops, guest speakers, resource highlights and one-on-one advising.

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bounce Back was moved to a fully online format with interactive workshops in D2L Brightspace and virtual meetings on Zoom,” she said. “In this program, students learn semester prep tips and tricks and time-management techniques. They work with their advisors to overcome personal barriers to college success, improve their study skills, and create an academic success plan.

Anne added that students completing Bounce Back have a streamlined appeal process and continued connections to essential resources.

“Our students also get the chance to win prizes and scholarships throughout their participation,” she said.

Learn more about the Bounce Back Program at DCTC by contacting:

Enrollment Services: Room 2–110