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Program supports adult learners re-enrolling in college

Dakota County Technical College participates in MN Reconnect, a program designed specifically for returning Minnesota adult learners, 25 and older, who completed 15 or more college credits without finishing a degree and are ready to earn a certificate, diploma or associate degree within two years.

MN Reconnect is your road to completing your desired program. MN Reconnect will support you along the way. We create a custom plan for each learner that delivers the resources and guidance needed to succeed in a flexible and supportive environment. It doesn’t matter if you are just a few credits away or would like to start a new academic journey, we will help you achieve your goals.

More about MN Reconnect…

MN Reconnect was developed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education in partnership with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and with the financial and technical support from Lumina Foundation and the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO).

It’s all in the name: we reconnect you with your program and provide you with specialized advising to help you take advantage of the multiple resources available, from state and federal grants for adult learners to childcare services. We also provide you with funding to help you pay for college costs; the MN Reconnect Scholarship awards eligible students  $1,000 per semester, including summer terms.

Our approach is simple. We meet you where you left off, we focus on your academic and career goals, and we help you get back on your path to graduation. When you return to college as an adult learner, you need someone on your side who recognizes that you require something different than an 18-year-old, incoming freshman.

MN Reconnect at DCTC

About MN Reconnect
How We Can Help You – Benefits

MN Reconnect navigators

Our navigators are with you through every step of the re-enrollment process. They will walk through everything from choosing your classes, applying for financial aid and filling out the FAFSA, to registering in a timely manner. Our navigators will also stay with you until graduation—you will always be supported.

MN Reconnect navigators are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible and will continue to be by your side until the moment you complete your program.


Navigator perspective…

Aria Kronebusch

“Nearly 37 million adult learners in the U.S. have some college experience, but haven’t completed a degree. I am excited to help these students come back to college, work toward their dreams and earn a degree.

“Many steps to re-enrolling can become confusing and potentially deter a student. My role is to help ease that process. Students in MN Reconnect can come to me with any question—and I will help them navigate through every step and achieve their academic goals.”

Aria Kronebusch
Project Coordinator
Title III Grant: Adult Learners Success
MN Reconnect Navigator
Dakota County Technical College

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Adult learners are more than welcome at DCTC

No matter where you are in life, you are college material. Adult learners have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences greatly valued at Dakota County Technical College as well as throughout the diverse workforce of business and industry. That know-how and expertise can translate into college credits via Credit for Prior Learning (CPL).

CPL is academic credit that is awarded to students who can successfully demonstrate college or university-level learning achieved through informal or experiential learning outside of the classroom. You can have your learning evaluated for academic credit, saving you time and money when you set about earning your degree.

Taking our Personal Prior Learning Assessment Survey helps you find out how your experiences can translate to college credit. Allow yourself up to 15 minutes to complete the survey.


The idea of going back to college can seem overwhelming. That’s why the professionals at DCTC are here to help you succeed. We offer great support for adult learners, including:

  • Full-time and part-time scheduling
  • Customized advising to develop a plan just for you
  • In-person, online, hybrid, accelerated and evening courses
  • In-person and online tutoring so you can work smarter and faster
  • Scholarships, support and more for students who want to finish college
  • Options to apply your experience, training and knowledge towards your degree

Now is the time! Call 651-423-8000.

Learn more about MN Reconnect at DCTC by contacting:

Aria Kronebusch
Project Coordinator
Title III Grant: Adult Learners Success
MN Reconnect Navigator

Learn more about opportunities for adult learners at DCTC by following these links:



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