Stock the Box

More than 3,000 food items donated to provide more than 1,000 meals for students

The Campus Engagement Team at Dakota County Technical College launched the Stock the Box challenge in November 2018 as a way to increase the food supply for the Lunch Box program. More than 3,000 food items were donated during the Stock the Box challenge, providing more than 1,000 meals for students, enough to supply the Lunch Box beyond the end of this school year.

“Supporting our students is a high priority for staff and faculty,” reported Sydney Ruedy, academic affairs project coordinator. “This food drive was created to foster that support while bringing awareness to Student Support Services and the Lunch Box. Over the last three months, fifty-five students have utilized the Lunch Box, picking up twenty-three meals weekly.”

Learn more about Lunch Box by visiting:

Food Support @DCTC

More about Lunch Box…

The Student Life Center provides basic meals to help support students in need of food support. If you are aware of a student who is unable to afford food, please encourage them to visit the Student Life Center and ask about the Lunch Box. Students can utilize the Lunch Box twice per week and pick three items each visit. Visits are confidential. Learn more…

About Mobile Pantry…

Dakota County Technical College has partnered with The Open Door to bring the Mobile Pantry to campus. The Mobile Pantry is free for any DCTC student in need of food support. The program has no income requirements or residency restrictions. For more information, students can email Mobile Pantry or visit the Center for Student Success, Enrollment Services or see an academic advisor. At each visit, students will receive an average of 2.5 weeks worth of food, which is 70 percent perishable and wholesome. Learn more…

Find out more about Lunch Box by contacting:

Student Life
Student Life Center