2018 Commitment to Students Awards

Student Senate recognizes employees for commitment to students

At their final meeting of spring semester on May 9, 2018, the Student Senate recognized employees who have gone above and beyond to support DCTC students during the 2017–2018 academic year.  with a “Commitment to Students Award.”

“As a Student Senate, we  wanted to acknowledge individuals on campus who have gone the extra mile to support students and make DCTC a welcoming campus for all,” said Susan Garcia, Student Senate president.

Margaret Steeves, Student Senate campus liaison, reported that the awards were presented to 18 DCTC staff and one student, Susan Garcia, who have exceeded expectations working with the college’s Student Senate.

To learn more about the DCTC Student Senate:

Read “Student Senate Update Spring 2018” on DCTC News.

The Student Senate paid special tribute to outgoing DCTC President Tim Wynes, JD, for his continued support of students during his tenure.

“Tim Wynes has been a friend and partner of the Student Senate at DCTC,” said Israel Gray, Student Senate vice president. “Tim’s commitment to ensure that many of our Senate goals were met cannot be emphasized more. At the administrative level, he championed the initiative to guarantee that our inclusion message be included in our college policy, or mission statement. Despite presiding over two colleges, which obviously amounts to a very busy schedule, Tim always made sure he was available at our meetings whenever we requested him. We as a Senate are honored to have worked with such a selfless president.”

“Tim Wynes goes above and beyond and involves himself in student activities at both Inver Hills and DCTC,” Margaret Steeves added. “Students at DCTC know who their president is when many college students have no clue. Tim shines!”

2018 Commitment to Students Award Winners

Tim Wynes

Tim Wynes for supporting student success by being an administrative champion for instituting our campus inclusion message; advocating for transportation options to campus; pursuing a polytechnic university option; regularly attending senate meetings; timely and thorough responses regarding campus safety; and being an active part of our campus community through participation in student activities and events.

Mike Opp

Mike Opp for supporting our campus inclusion message by giving us time at in-service and department chair meetings to promote it; being responsive to our requests to attend senate meetings, and cultivating a positive campus environment through attendance at campus events and activities.

Anne Johnson

Anne Johnson for supporting the senate in submitting award nominations to LeadMN, partnering with students to advocate for the use of open educational resources, timely and thorough responses regarding campus safety, and donating to the Lunch Box.

Patrick Jacobson-Schulte

Patrick Jacobson-Schulte for presenting Budget 101 sessions to students and being responsive to our requests to attend senate meetings to answer questions about the budget

Jodie Swearingen

Jodie Swearingen for supporting students through their DCTC journey from open house to graduation, and for being a “life saver” by donating blood 78 times through the Red Cross, a DCTC record.

Marie Saunders

Marie Saunders for supporting student success and Student Senate initiatives by using open educational resources in classes to reduce the out-of-pocket cost for students to attend college.

Candace Carlstrom

Candace Carlstrom for supporting student success through promoting our campus inclusion message the first day of class, and encouraging students to participate in the Etiquette Luncheon and other campus activities and organizations.

Harold Torrence

Harold Torrence for supporting the process for creating our campus inclusion message, incorporating open educational resources in classes, volunteering to play music at campus events, and helping to build a positive campus community for all students.

Brett Kolles

Brett Kolles for service to the campus community through volunteering to speak at Phi Theta Kappa inductions and nursing pinning ceremonies; contributing to a positive campus culture by hosting community-building events through the Lions Club, such as the Chili Cook Off and Can Do Canines; and supporting the success of student-veterans

Susan Johanson

Susan Johanson for supporting student success through promoting our campus inclusion message the first day of class, and encouraging students to participate in the Etiquette Luncheon and other campus activities and organizations.

Darrell Tangen

Darrell Tangen for supporting the Student Senate in the attainment of our 8th Star Campus Award through LeadMN by working with students and alumni to donate a photography session for the LeadMN Gala.

Scott Gunderson

Scott Gunderson for advocating for student veterans, facilitating the All-Minnesota Academic Team process, and coordinating numerous student volunteer events in the community, including highway clean-up and Feed My Starving Children.

Nicole Meulemans

Nicole Meulemans for being an award-winning advisor for student life at DCTC, supporting student success and student senate initiatives. Nicole supports leadership training such as Heart of a Leader and LeadMN conferences. Nicole has continued to support the inclusion message and ensuring all students and staff feel welcome

Anna Voight

Anna Voight for being an award-winning advisor in student life at DCTC, supporting student success, equipping students with new leadership roles through training in Heart of a leader, LeadMN conferences, and the Etiquette Luncheon. Anna is professional, informed, and demonstrates integrity. We thank her for supporting student success, promoting campus inclusion, and ensuring all students and staff feel welcome

Rachel Marzahn

Rachel Marzahn for promoting Student Senate and Student Life events on social media, taking photos of campus events, and the kindness and passion she shows when interacting with students

Chris Tran

Chris Tran for promoting and supporting student activities and events, presenting at the Lunar Chinese New Year event, and connecting students with resources to support their success inside and outside the classroom.

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes for writing stories that highlight the work of the Student Senate and Student Life activities, taking photos of campus events, and his enthusiasm when interacting with students.

Denise Strenger

Denise Strenger for coordinating a campus-wide speaker on preventing sex trafficking in the Twin Cities and encouraging student attendance at mental health awareness programming.

Susan Garcia

Student Senate members also recognized Student Senate President Susan Garcia with an Outstanding Leadership Award for going above and beyond in leading the 2017–2018 Student Senate in the following ways:

  • Inspiring others and being a cheerleader for all
  • Cultivating a friendly, positive, and welcoming environment in the senate
  • Spearheading the achievement of the Senate’s 8th LeadMN Star Campus Award
  • Providing direction in developing our campus inclusion message
  • Going the extra mile to advocate transportation options to campus

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