BTYR Challenge Coins for Employees

Nominate employees for outstanding work supporting veterans

The DCTC Beyond the Yellow Ribbon (BTYR) Committee will be awarding BTYR Challenge Coins to Dakota County Technical College employees who go above and beyond to support veterans, service members and their families. Campus community members are encouraged to complete a BTYR Challenge Coin nomination form for an employee they feel deserves a Challenge Coin for their exceptional work supporting our military community.

The criteria and process (see below) for awarding Challenge Coins was developed by the BTYR Committee, which is composed of staff, faculty, students and administrators working in collaboration with the Veterans Club. The deadline for nominations will be mid-September each year; recipients will be recognized during military appreciation activities in November.

“I often hear from student-veterans who cite the support they receive from faculty as staff being what has kept them in school and encouraged them to work through challenges they have faced while adjusting to civilian life and the college environment, while also balancing family and work responsibilities,” said Anna Voight, associate director of student life and BTYR Committee chair. “Student-veterans have unique challenges in a college environment—and DCTC employees are committed to their success and helping them through these challenges. The BTYR Committee is excited to now have BTYR Challenge Coins as a way to recognize employees who go above and beyond to support our veterans.”

About BTYR Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins are given to veterans, service members and their dependents utilizing military benefits on completing a degree or diploma at Dakota County Technical College. They may also be awarded to employees who have demonstrated outstanding support of student-veterans, service members and their families.

Process for awarding Challenge Coins to employees

  1. Faculty, staff, administrators, students and alumni can nominate an employee for a Challenge Coin.
  2. Nominations are submitted via nomination form to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon (BTYR) Committee.
  3. BTYR Committee reviews nominations, adds additional information known about the nominee’s work with veterans, and is encouraged to work with the nominee to ensure a comprehensive nomination.
  4. BTYR Committee members (all or sub-group) rate nominations based on criteria rating scale. Nominees who are also members of the BTYR Committee shall not rate themselves. The sum of all raters’ scores will be averaged to determine the total score per nominee.
  5. A maximum of five coins shall be awarded per year. Coins will awarded in order of highest total score.
  6. Nominations not awarded shall be kept on file and re-evaluated the following year.
  7. The committee recommends publicizing recipients and their work with veterans by adding their names and nomination summaries on the Veterans Services page; recipients would also receive a certificate of appreciation and be recognized at campus events or in-service.

Criteria for awarding Challenge Coins to employees

Military community is defined as veterans, service members or their families.

Criteria Rating Scale

0 = Does not show evidence of meeting criteria

1 = Shows strong evidence of meeting criteria

2 = Shows exceptional evidence meeting criteria (going above and beyond the call of duty)

Nominee must have a sum total of at least 10 points in categories below to be eligible to receive a Challenge Coin.

  1. Supporting the retention and academic success of the military community. (0–2 points)
  2. Supporting the career success of the military community. (0–2 points)
  3. Supporting the overall well-being of the military community.  (0–2 points)
  4. Supporting the reintegration of veterans. (0–2 points)
  5. Increasing awareness of veterans’ challenges, or contributing to the improvement of campus or community support for the military community.  (0–2 points)
  6. Providing sustained (multiyear) support or advocacy for the military community on campus or in the community. (0–2 points)
  7. Obtaining and sharing knowledge about the veteran community, culture or how to support the military community. (0–2 points)
  8. Donating time (outside of job) or resources to support the military community. (0–2 points)
  9. Military service. (No = 0 points, Yes = 2 points)
  10. Additional pertinent information. (0–2 points)

Challenge Coin Nomination Form

Submit your completed Word document nomination form by email to:

Anna Voight, BTYR Committee Chair

2018–2019 academic year nomination DEADLINE is September 14, 2018.

To learn more about BTYR Challenge Coins for employees, contact:

Anna Voight
Associate Director of Student Life
BTYR Committee Chair

You can learn more about BTYR Challenge Coins by reading:

“Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Challenge Coins” on DCTC News