DCTC Lions at Ronald McDonald House

Cook for Kids event at RMH in Minneapolis

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, seven students and two faculty advisors in the Lions Club at Dakota County Technical College visited Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The DCTC Lions were at the RMH location on Oak Street near the University of Minnesota to take part in Cook for Kids. The Lions prepared home-cooked meals for the families of patients undergoing treatment at nearby Children’s Minnesota and U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Lions Club President Nicole Evridge reported that she and her fellow Lions made pulled-pork sloppy Joes, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, and fresh brownies for dessert for approximately 75 children and their families.

“Working at Ronald McDonald House is so rewarding,” Nicole said. “To see the faces of the children standing in line with their families to get their home-cooked meals is so heart warming; their smiles are so refreshing. Cooking was hard work, but also a lot of fun. I have made lifelong friends doing volunteer work with the Lions Club.”

Brett Kolles, an English instructor at DCTC, serves as a faculty co-advisor for the Lions Club along with Erin McCrorey, a mathematics instructor. Brett has been advising the Lions since the club’s Charter Night in November 2010. Brett and Erin participated in Cook for Kids along with the following student Lions: Stefan Randow, Nicole Evridge, Christina Tejeda, Girum Kassaye, Averi Davis, Joe Stadelman and Randy Nicoll.

“Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House offers DCTC Lions Club members opportunities to build teamwork and focus our attention on those who need our help—all while having fun serving others,” Brett said. “Food preparation is an interest of several club members, and RMH provided a beautiful facility for us to work together to serve kids and their families.”

“Preparing and serving food for kids in need and their families is one of the most edifying experiences a person can have. Our DCTC Lions not only got to work as a team and build new friendships, but a person could not help but feel incredibly good afterwards knowing how we really served others.”
Brett Kolles, English faculty and Campus Lions Club Faculty Co-Advisor

Brett Kolles

Brett Kolles

Brett added that the relationship between RMH and the DCTC Lions is a classic example of how the club learns about volunteer opportunities through student members.

“One of our past student Lions and his family utilized RMH services several years ago,” Brett said. “One of his family members had undergone extensive surgeries. Unfortunately, insurance did not cover the cost. The family was happy to learn that through Ronald McDonald House, which is conveniently located near two hospitals, free and nutritious meals were made available.”

Brett noted that the student Lion wanted to give back for receiving this wonderful service—and years later he related his story to the Lions Club.

“Inspired, we unanimously voted to serve in this way,” Brett said. “The first time we went to purchase, prepare and serve, we knew it was going to be a long-term relationship between RMH and the DCTC Lions. We had an incredibly edifying and fun experience.”

Cook for Kids at RMH

Cook for Kids at RMH

More about the DCTC Lions Club…

The DCTC Lions Club is a charter member of Lions Clubs International, an organization recognized by employers and community organizations worldwide. Students are able to serve the college and community with exciting and purposeful activities ranging from the Polar Plunge and Habitat for Humanity to an annual Chili Cook-Off. Lifelong friendships, professional development and fun are just a few of the benefits of this highly active club.

Visit Lions Club to learn more.

Lion Spotlight: Joe Stadelman

Joe Stadelman

Joe Stadelman

Joe Stadelman, 23, of Burnsville, Minnesota, serves as the DCTC Campus Lions Club marketing director. Between work and school, Joe wasn’t sure if he had time for extracurricular activities.

“I was persuaded to join the club by Brett Kolles, my English teacher at the time,” he said. “However, I joined under one condition: I would be in charge of designing the flyers, posters and logos for Lions events. Brett hadn’t seen my work, but he took a chance on me.”

A Burnsville High School graduate, class of 2013, Joe attended Normandale Community College for a time, but he wasn’t fully committed to life as a college student.

Today, Joe is a sophomore at DCTC earning his Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Graphic Design Technology. He is on track to graduate in May 2018. His career plans are centered on opening his own branding company. His favorite Adobe Creative Cloud application is Illustrator.

Three words that describe you as a college student:

Joe reported that his job during Cook for Kids, besides helping prepare the food, was encouraging his fellow Lions to continue working hard.

“I was responsible for keeping morale up,” he said. “In addition, I kept the mood light while making sure everyone was having a good time.”

When asked what he likes best about being a DCTC Lion, Joe said, “Being able to give back to the community and being around people who are passionate about helping out those in need. I also get the chance to display my graphic design abilities.”

Joe is the middle child in a family with five kids. When he’s not studying or on the job at an area retirement home, he enjoys camping, hiking and fishing, the latter bass fishing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. He also like to golf, but he admits to playing the sport “poorly.”

Joe Stadelman | 12 Answers

  1. CozumelFavorite sport or physical activity: Hiking and camping
  2. Place you would most like to visit: Alaska
  3. Most exciting thing you’ve ever done: Riding around on mopeds in Cozumel, Mexico
  4. Your personal motto if you had to have one: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”
  5. Favorite all-time TV show: Parks and Recreation
  6. Favorite all-time movie: Anything with Jim Carrey
  7. One thing you most want to accomplish in life: Dunk a basketball
  8. Most precious material possession: MacBook Pro
  9. Dream occupation: Graphic designer for Nike
  10. Person you would most like to meet: Donald Glover
  11. Skill you would most like to learn and master: Painting
  12. Most important issue or problem facing humankind: Equality
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