Lions Volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

DCTC Campus Lions Club
Ronald McDonald House

Campus Lions Club members prepare meals for 70 guests

Five students and two faculty from the Campus Lions Club at Dakota County Technical College volunteered at Ronald McDonald House–Oak Street near the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Monday, April 3, 2017. The seven Lions worked from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. preparing dinner for 70 guests at the RMH cornerstone location, which features space for 48 families.

The menu for the evening featured meatloaf, gravy, mashed potatoes, strawberry pie, lettuce salad—all homemade. The DCTC Lions dined with the RMH guests.

“The onsite coordinators gave us a tour of the house,” said Brett Kolles, English faculty and Lions Club co-advisor. “They were very nice to work with and kept complimenting us on our ‘can-do’ attitude. They were surprised our Lions had never done this activity before because we were very confident in what we were doing and everyone was very busy getting the work done.”

Brett noted that he was impressed by Ronald McDonald House–Oak Street. “The house itself is stunning,” he said. “Granite countertops, four ovens, two microwaves and plenty of room in the kitchen to work.”

Lions volunteer at Ronald McDonald House–Oak Street

Lions at RMH

  • David Bakken
  • Nicole Evridge
  • Christina Tejeda
  • Girum Kassaye
  • Mitch Kochenash
  • Brett Kolles (faculty co-advisor)
  • Erin McCrorey (faculty co-advisor)

DCTC Campus Lions Club

Brett and his fellow Lions were surprised to learn several Ronald McDonald Houses are located in the Twin Cities metro area.

“The one most in need is the house in St. Paul,” Brett said. “The location requires fewer volunteers because the house is small. We Lions plan on volunteering there next fall.”

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Brett Kolles
English Faculty
DCTC Campus Lions Club Adviser
Lions Club: “We Rock and Roar”