Minnesota Training Connection Presents at BTD

Lakeville Chamber visits renowned manufacturing company

Larry Lewis

Larry Lewis

Led by Larry Lewis, interim dean of the Center for Professional and Workforce Development at Dakota County Technical College and Inver Hills Community College, a team from Minnesota Training Connection attended a meeting of the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce at BTD Manufacturing in Lakeville, Minnesota, Friday afternoon, Feb. 24, 2017. Lewis presented on customized training options offered by Minnesota Training Connection.

Scott Determan

Scott Determan

Also at the meeting were Tim Wynes, J.D., president of DCTC and Inver Hills, Mike Opp, DCTC vice president of academic and student affairs, and Scott Determan, DCTC dean of transportation, industry and information technology. Determan presented on the college’s initiative to offer four-year bachelor’s degrees as a polytechnic institution. BTD personnel provided tours of the manufacturing facility.

About Minnesota Training Connection

Minnesota Training Connection, a partnership between DCTC and Inver Hills, is dedicated to providing flexible career training solutions to business and industry. Leveraging the resources of Minnesota State, the fourth largest system of two-year colleges and four-year universities in the United States, our training is designed to make your business more competent and more competitive. To learn more, visit Minnesota Training Connection.

 About the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce has been representing the interests of the local business community for over 60 years. It is not a civic club, charitable organization or department of city government but rather a private, nonprofit tax-paying corporation. We continue to unite hundreds of businesses and professional firms that create a centered, unique agency.¹ To learn more, visit Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce.

¹ Courtesy of Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce website

About BTD

BTD is a customer-focused, growth-oriented manufacturing partner providing high-quality, innovative customer-specific solutions to world-class brands. BTD capabilities include assembly, finishing and painting, tooling, stamping, fabrication, tubing, welding machining and quality control.² To learn more, visit BTD.

² Courtesy of the BTD website

For more photos of Minnesota Training Connection and the Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce visiting BTD, visit DCTC on Flickr.

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Larry Lewis
Interim Dean of the Center for Professional and Workforce Development