Pumpkin carving contest winners announced

Students pick their favorite Student Life entry.

Annual Pumkin Carving Contest draws a crowd

The sixth annual DCTC Pumpkin Carving Contest included some fierce competition. Twenty-one campus groups put their imagination on display with their pumpkin masterpieces

Judges evaluated the pumpkins on four criteria including visual impact, craftsmanship and quality, originality and how well it represented its group. Groups were broken into three categories: Student Life groups; student groups; and employee groups.

The winners in each category are:

Employee Group:

  1. Customized training (bus)
  2. Business Office (blue money pig)
  3. Bookstore (TMNT)

Club/Athletic Group:

  1. Photons/ Photo Club (RIP Film)
  2. Horticulture Club (Plants)
  3. Lions Club (White Lion)

Student Group:

1 Dental Assisting

2. LPN

The campus also had the opportunity to choose their favorite. More than 220 voters stopped by the Central Commons and chose the Fresh Stop Café as their top pick. The Horticulture Club came in second and Lions Club scored a third place finish.

Groups put a lot of thought and work into their pumpkin each year. Of the Photons award winning pumpkin, club member Alba Nowlin said, “Film is dead. Everything is digital now. So, we incorporated film with spiders and cobwebs to show how it’s outdated. It represents the club well because that’s what it’s all about –the digital world of photography. We are excited to move forward into new technology. With digital there so much room for creativity and to express your artistic style. That’s the reason why I went into it.”

Assistant Director of Student Life Anna Voight said this year’s event was the best to date. Sponsored by the Student Senate, Voight attributed the event’s success to the hard work of the students who planned and coordinated the event, in particular event coordinator Yeti Tessma.

“The campus community loves the event. Many say it is their favorite event of the entire year,” said Voight.

Tessma said the event provides a good way for the campus community to interact with one another.

“It’s a good experience and a way to have a little fun on campus,” said Tessma.

To view more photos of the event, check out DCTC’s Flickr account at https://www.flickr.com/photos/dctc/