DCTC and Inver Hills partner to offer Heart of a Leader Training

Seven student leaders from each campus participated in the two-day retreat

Going into it, Sumi Khan wasn’t sure what to expect from Heart of a Leader Training. But what she got out of it, she says was immeasurable.

“The most valuable takeaway from this training was that I learn how to break my block of “fear of failure,” said Khan, a member of the DCTC Student Senate.

Dakota County Technical College and Inver Hills Community College partnered to offer the unique training to Student Senate members and Student Ambassadors Sept. 23 & 24. Heart of a Leader Training is an award-winning leadership program offered on college campuses throughout the country.

The training challenges participants to put forward their very best during the two-day experience. The training explores a number of topics including standards, commitment, confidence, self-determination, personal awareness, relationship development, communication and more.

Khan said the training was a wonderful experience that she’ll be able to use for a lifetime.

“I will take the challenges rather than thinking about the consequences of my challenges and always keep positive energy,” said Khan.

Inver Hills Student Senate member Maggie Nead said the training taught her to take charge of her own story and to see problems as opportunities for growth.

“How I think and interact with the world is in my own hands,” said Nead.

She added that Heart of a Leader focuses on identifying and overcoming personal barriers and fears that keep individuals from reaching their full potential.

“When faced with a challenge in leadership and in life I will no longer quit for fear of something being too hard or too big of a problem, instead I will embrace it as the opportunity that it is and learn and become better through those experiences and continue to believe in my own capabilities,” said Nead.

Assistant Director of Student Life Anna Voight said the training is known among Minnesota State colleges and the Minnesota State College Student Association as one of the best leadership trainings for students.

In the past DCTC and Inver Hills have offered the training individually but it became cost prohibitive. By partnering, the two schools split the cost making it affordable. Additionally, Voight said the partnership helped develop stronger working relationships between the two campuses.

“We received feedback from DCTC and IHCC students that they would like to continue to partner on this event, not only because of the budget implications, but largely due to the positive relationships they were able to form with each other across campuses,” said Voight.

To learn more about Heart of a Leader visit http://www.takebackcollege.com/student-training.html

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