DCTC’s BPA Chapter competes well at nationals

The DCTC BPA students show off their hardware at the National BPA Conference.

All DCTC’s competitors placed in the top 10 in at least one event

The Dakota County Technical College Business Professionals of America attended the 2016 National Leadership Conference May 5-9 in Boston. As part of the conference, thousands of students from across the country gathered to compete, showcase their business skills and develop their leadership acumen.

A group of 10 DCTC students represented the school well. Adviser Marie Saunders said all 10 DCTC students placed in the top 10 in the nation in at least one competition.

“Placing in the top 10 means the student makes it on stage and receive a medal.  Of those, there were four students in top three in the nation,” said Marie.

DCTC student Stephanie Hunt was selected to serve as a National Officer, secretary/treasurer. She also earned the Merit Scholar Award, Ambassador Award and won a $700 scholarship.

“I’m not sure I could’ve had the strength to run for a national office if it wasn’t for Marie supporting me every step of the way,” said Hunt.

Also, DCTC chapter president Victoria Mode earned the Ambassador Award and won the competition for the Trading Pin.  The trading pin is then used by the students at the conference to trade with other states.

Overall, Saunders said it was a great experience. “The greatest take away for the students is growth in professionalism and leadership.  They learn team building and cooperation, how to articulate conclusions, how to handle pressure and time management.  All great skills for their future careers!”

Below are a list of the winners:

College Accounting:

4th – Marta Roth

Advanced Accounting:

5th – Sierra Furlong

Managerial Accounting:

2nd – Sierra Furlong

Banking and Finance:

10th – Marta Roth

Integrated Office Applications:

10th – Cheryl Brogger

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications:

5th – Victoria Mode

Administrative Support Team:

6th – Cheryl Brogger, Linda Shaull, Marta Roth

Administrative Support Concepts-Open:

4th – Linda Shaull

PC Servicing and Troubleshooting:

3rd – Dan Nguyen

Network Design Team:

4th – Kevin Day, Ryan Monio, Dan Nguyen

C++ Programming:

1st – Kevin Day

Java Programming:

2nd – Kevin Day

Computer Programming Concepts-Open:

4th – Kevin Day


2nd – Kimberley Hardwick

Small Business Management Team:

9th – Kimberley Hardwick, Sierra Furlong, Victoria Mode

Advanced Interview Skills:

5th – Stephanie Hunt

Contemporary Issues:

6th – Dan Nguyen

Business Meeting Management-Open:

7th – Marta Roth

Project Management Concepts-Open:

9th – Marta Roth

Elected National Officer-Secretary Treasurer – Stephanie Hunt

National Merit Scholar – Stephanie Hunt

$700 College Scholarship – Stephanie Hunt