Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

The DCTC Small Business Entrepreneur program can give you the tools to succeed

At some point, most people have considered the idea of being their own boss and living the American Dream.  Every day hundreds of people in Minnesota quit thinking about starting a business and actually do it.  Minnesota starts about 5,000 new businesses each month, that’s over 60,000 new businesses annually.  On a national scale over 475,000 new businesses start each month in the US.  Clearly the idea of working for yourself or becoming self-employed resonates with a lot of people.

Three main reasons explain why so many new businesses are starting right now.  The first most often heard reason for starting a business is the concept of being in control of your destiny by being your own BOSS.  Many people start their careers as an employee.  At some time they run into a boss that causes them nothing but headaches so they start to think that they could do a better job and they could be the boss.  Once they have that thought, it naturally goes to being a business owner where you call all the shots!  One word of caution, ask anyone who has been the boss and they will tell you it is not easy, and being totally responsible for everything is not that much fun either!

The second most often heard reason for starting a business is MONEY!  Many people who have their income controlled by others at some point get frustrated and want the chance to make their financial dreams come true.  Starting your own business mean you can work as hard as you want and make as much money as you want!  In small business, there is no limit to the amount of income you can make for yourself and your family.  Again, a word of caution.  Most new businesses take longer to get to positive cash flow than the business owner thought they would.  Sometimes you have to go through a period of lack (wilderness times) before the real money starts coming in!

The third most often heard reason for starting businesses today involves the word “PASSION”.  More now than at any time in our history, people are taking steps in their lives to not just have a job, but have the chance to do what they really love to do.  For many people just having a job and making money doesn’t fulfill them enough.  These people believe that if the job allowed them to do what they love to do, and still make money, their lives would be better and more complete.  If you can’t find a job doing what you love to do, you can always start a business around what you love to do!  One last word of caution.  If you start a business around what you love to do, don’t forget that in order to survive, the business still has to make money!  Businesses started out of passion do have a tendency to forget the money element and in many cases, these businesses charge way too little for their products or services to survive!

So if you have ever thought about starting a business while you are taking classes at DCTC, then do we have deal for you.  Since 2002 DCTC has had one of the top Small Business Certificate programs in MNSCU.  Check out the DCTC Small Business Entrepreneur Program.  The certificate is 16 credits broken into just six classes covering all aspects of starting and growing a successful small business.  All classes are taught each semester and you can easily take the entire certificate in one semester coming to class just one night a week.

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