DCTC Fitness challenge starts March 28

The DCTC Fitness Challenge will culminate with the Blue Knights 5K May 5.

Teams of four will earn points for healthful behaviors, compete for prizes

The annual Dakota County Technical College Fitness Challenge starts March 28. The Challenge runs for six weeks and ends May 6th.

The challenge is a wellness incentive program designed to motivate DCTC students, staff and faculty to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Teams of four gain points for healthy activities such as: exercising, eating well, not using tobacco and dental hygiene.

Participants are asked to recognize and record healthy behaviors while working to improve weaker habits. The culmination of the challenge will be the Healthy Knight 5K May 5th.

Weekly individual and team points will be tallied and posted in the Wellness Center. At the conclusion of the challenge, awards will be given to the top teams and individuals as well as other notable accomplishments.  Anyone who earns 100 points or more in six weeks will win a prize in recognition of their hard work.

Registration is $5 for staff/faculty and free for students. Sign up by March 28 with Tom Cross in the Student Life Center.

Challenge Guidelines

Each week, Monday through Sunday, keep track of the good health and exercise habits you’ve had and record them on score sheets provided by your team captain. Return your weekly score page to your captain or to Tom in the Student Life Center every Monday by 10 a.m. Team points will be tallied weekly and posted on a chart in the Wellness Center.



Maximum: 2 points per day (Daily maximum is two points, regardless of how long you exercise)

Sweat outs: At least 45 minutes of workout with a minimum of 30 minutes sustained aerobic exercise that increases heart rate to target heart rate (race walking, jogging, rowing, exercise machines, soccer, swimming, bike racing) with a warm-up/cool-down exercise (weightlifting, stretching, walking or yoga) for the additional 15 minutes.

Minimum time of total workout is 45 minutes to earn 2 points.
Leisure workouts: Sustained, 25-minute calorie-burning activity such as walking, bike riding, yoga, dancing, volleyball, weightlifting, gardening, push mowing your lawn, etc.
Minimum time of total workout 25 minutes to earn 1 point.


Maximum: 2 points per activity weekly
Sleep 7 hours or more each night of the week.** 2 points
Drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of WATER every day of the week.** 2 points
Drink four or fewer ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES per week, none if under 21. 2 points
FLOSS and BRUSH teeth daily.** 2 points
Eat a balanced diet, containing all food groups, including six servings of fruits and vegetables daily.** 2 points
Limit fat intake to less than 30% of calories consumed each day.** 2 points
Consume one sweet or less daily (cookie, candy, pie, spoonful of sugar, etc).** 2 points
Drink one or no caffeinated beverages each day of the week.** 2 points
No tobacco use all week. 2 points


Maximum: 1 point per activity weekly
Feel good deeds:
Perform at least two acts of kindness per week, such as helping a neighbor, volunteer job, donating blood, etc. 1 point
Climb stairs every time you have a choice instead of using the elevator. 1 point
Wear a seatbelt every car ride. 1 point
Wash hands after all restroom visits. 1 point


If you had a positive attitude, were honest, did not accuse any other team of cheating
and turned in your time sheet to Tom by 10 a.m. on Monday. 1 point


Maximum: Point values vary
Achieve your Personal Improvement Goal (sixth week only). 10 points
Participate in the 5K race or one mile walk/run on Thursday, May 5. 20 points

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