Love stories from DCTC

While students come to Dakota County Technical College to gain education for employment, we know they find friendships and sometimes even love here as well. In honor of Valentine’s Day and all things love, here are a few stories of Blue Knights who found romance on campus.

Alissa and Cole


Cole and Alissa met in the spring semester of 2015 in an Exercise and Sports Science class they had together at DCTC. Cole was unsure if Alissa was taken or single, and it took a classmate and friend of his whom talked to her too in the class, to tell him to pursue getting to know her. One day in class, a classmate told Alissa that Cole had a crush on her. She thought the classmate was joking around but it turned out to be the truth. After that, it took a couple months of hanging out and getting to know each other before they started dating.


Jeremie and Anne 


Jeremie and Anne met in the exercise science program led by Sara Woodward, they shared the majority of their classes together. The couple graduated from DCTC in 2009 and continued on to Concordia St. Paul’s kinesiology cohort together as well. The couple married October 26th 2013 and their son, Colton was born August 2014.


Kevin and Emily

Kevin and Emily

Kevin and Emily met each other in the fall of ‘14 in our Mark Grant’s Interpersonal Communications class at DCTC. It was Emily’s last semester and Kevin’s first semester at DCTC. They sat on opposite sides of the classroom but shared the same friends in class. Emily gave Kevin her number on the last week of class and then he invited her to Information Technology club’s LAN party, which he was hosting on the last day of that semester.For their first date, Kevin and Emily went to Bon Fire to have pizza then saw the movie Aloha. Both Kevin and Emily transferred from Century College to DCTC, but never met there. Emily finished her AAS degree in Dental Assisting and Kevin is going for an AAS degree in Software Development.

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