Attendance Challenge runs through Feb. 7th

Four-week challenge offers opportunities to win prizes for perfect class attendance

With the start of the semester DCTC is kicking off the Student Four-Week Attendance Challenge! The Challenge runs Jan.11th-February 7th.  We encourage all students to participate for the chance to win prizes and ensure a successful semester. Read below for information on how to participate.  

Attendance Challenge FAQ’s  

How does the Four-Week Challenge work?

Faculty will track student attendance in all classes (including online, hybrid and weekend classes) the first four weeks of spring semester (Jan. 11th-Feb. 7th).  Faculty will report attendance at the fourweekpoint by filling out a survey that will be emailed to all faculty on Monday, February 8.  The survey will ask faculty to identify students that DID NOT have perfect attendance in their courses from Jan. 11th – Feb. 7 (thus making those students ineligible for the Attendance Challenge).  

What prizes can students win for the Four-Week Challenge?

Students with perfect (100%) attendance the first four weeks of the semester will receive a $6 Lancer gift certificate AND be entered in to a drawing for one of three $250 gift cards.

Are we doing a Two-Week Challenge?

We are NOT doing a two week challenge this semester

Who can participate?

All credit students can participate in the challenge–including full-time, part-time, and online. Non-credit students will not be included.

How are students notified of their prizes?

The students who win the grand prizes (one of three $250 gift cards) for the Four-Week Challenge will be contacted by marketing for a photo to be posted publicly and notified of their winning.

Individuals who complete the Four-Week Challenge and have perfect attendance will receive an email (to the email address we have on file) with instructions on how/where to pick up their lancer voucher ($6).  This will be sent around February 16th or 17th, after the Four-Week Challenge ends.