Two Week Attendance Challenge Winners Announced

Incentive awarded to students who met the challenge

At DCTC we know that attendance is the key to student academic success.  Without strong attendance, most students will not be successful.  With strong attendance, they will.

To encourage students to get in the habit of attending all of their classes all of the time,  DCTC officials offered students an Attendance Challenge to emphasizes the importance of attending classes.  The entire campus focused on attendance as the key to learning.  Faculty, staff including admissions, financial aid, success advisors, the bookstore – everyone participated campus wide.  The message students received throughout the first few weeks of the semester is that attendance is vital to a successful semester.

Letting students know that DCTC strongly believes in attendance–and that we are monitoring it–helped set the stage with students.  “Attendance is the key to student academic success.  Without strong attendance most students will not be successful,” notes Mike Opp, DCTC Vice President.  “Letting students know that DCTC strongly believes in attendance will set the stage that attending class is expected.”

Students were involved in two challenges.  The first was a 14 day challenge (the first two weeks of the followed by a 30 day challenge (the first month of the semester).   The challenge included all credit students, including full-time and part- time, as well as online students.   Students who meet the 14 day challenge were put in a drawing for a $100 gift card.  Students who meet the 30 day challenge are put in a drawing for a $250 gift card and also given a free lunch certificate to the DCTC cafeteria.

Congrats to these students!  The three students who are the two week challenge winners are:






Garrett Hildreth, from Hastings, is in the Auto Body Collision Technology program




Pisith Lim lives in Eagan and is also in the Auto Body Collision Technology program





John Lemke resides in Chaska and attends the Heavy Duty Construction program.