DCTC offers new Attendance Challenge for students

Students offered incentives, assistance to achieve perfect attendance     

Dakota County Technical College is excited to announce its new “Attendance Challenge” program as an incentive to keep students coming to class.  Studies have shown that students who regularly attend the first four weeks of classes are more likely to graduate.

The premise is simple:  students need to attend school daily to succeed.

“Students who are chronically absent typically contribute to a higher drop out rate and wider achievement gap.” notes Robert Balfanz, author of  A Focus on Attendance is Key to Success.   “Like bacteria in a hospital, chronic absenteeism can wreak havoc long before it’s discovered.  It’s not the only factor at play, but students need to attend school daily to succeed.”starttofinish2

DCTC faculty will track student attendance the first two weeks of the semester and then again during the first four weeks of the semester.

All participating students with perfect attendance the first two weeks of fall semester will be entered into a drawing to win one of three $100 Visa gift cards.  Students with perfect attendance for the first four weeks of the semester will receive a voucher for DCTC’s Fresh Stop Cafe and be entered to win one of three $250 Visa gift cards.

All credit students are encouraged to participate in the Attendance Challenge–including full time, part time and online students.  Online students need to submit all coursework on time during the challenge periods.

DCTC’s Center for Student Success not only supports the importance of regular attendance but any strategy to help retain students and help them finish what they start.  Director of Student Success, Patrick Lair, notes “It is hard for students to reach out for help, but if they use the service available such as tutoring, counseling, coaching, success planning and disability support we know it will make a huge difference in their educational success.”  Click here for more information on services provided by the Center for Student Success.

For more information on the Attendance Challenge contact:

Mike Opp
DCTC Vice President