Entrepreneurship Student Exemplifies Fortitude

Nikki Abramson

Nikki Abramson inspires others by living a message of hope

Nikki Abramson, a student in the Entrepreneurship/Small Business program at Dakota County Technical College, has overcome major adversities in her life. Nikki’s story will strike a chord in anyone who has undergone extraordinarily difficult circumstances and challenges.

Nikki is taking entrepreneurship classes to continue learning and growing her skills. “I am taking these classes because I desire to learn more about how to own a small business and apply the proper steps to really tackle the business,” Nikki said. “I am enjoying these classes especially on marketing and using hands-on, real-life practice examples of how to further my growth. I have made
strong connections with classmates, and Bob Voss has been a great instructor and mentor for me.”

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Choosing hope through disability, injury, and adoption

Nikki AbramsonWhen Nikki Min Yeong Abramson was 5 years old, her doctors told her she wouldn’t live past her teens. Her diagnosis of mitochondrial myopathy—a rare muscle disease—caused Abramson to live every day with purpose. Her determination to choose hope, in the midst of this and other disabilities throughout her life, has given Abramson a passion for encouraging and motivating others to persevere.

In her new book, I Choose Hope: Overcoming Challenges with Faith and Positivity, Abramson shows how hope allowed her to overcome several disabilities and the difficulties she faced as an international adoptee. Her stories are inspiring others going through life challenges.

Abramson is a teaching artist, educator and sought-after speaker based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a teaching license in elementary education, early childhood, computers, keyboarding and technology. Abramson is the founder of Renew Hope, LLC, a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering others through life challenges.

“My goal is to help challenge and shape other people,” says Abramson. “I want them to know that there’s someone out there who gets it, is walking alongside them and cheering them on.”

Nikki AbramsonAbramson started writing her story when she was bedridden after a devastating car accident and medical diagnosis of dystonia, a disease similar to Parkinson’s that caused muscle spasms all over her body. This accident happened right after Abramson graduated from college and changed her life.

“I realized that even though I couldn’t depend on my strength or be out and about, I could still share my story,” Abramson added. “People started to tell me that I have an inspiring story and they encouraged me to write a book.”

I Choose Hope is a story of triumph in the face of adversity and an inspiration for anyone dealing with grief at the loss of shattered dreams. The book is available in print and as an ebook through Barnes & Noble, Rivershore Books, Amazon and other online retailers.

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Nikki Abramson

Renewing Your Hope

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