VCOM Students Create Mural at Rambling River Center

DCTC Rambling River Center Project

Connie Larson’s Advanced Photoshop class recognized by Farmington City Council

Connie Larson

Connie Larson

Students in the Advanced Photoshop class taught by Connie Larson, a graphic design technology instructor at Dakota County Technical College, participated in a civic-engagement project that involved creating a 7-foot by 20-foot mural for the Rambling River Center in Farmington, Minnesota. Nicole Gorman, the city’s recreation supervisor, initiated the project after viewing artwork at the Rosemount Community Center created by VCOM students from DCTC.

“I loved the work the students did for Rosemount,” Nicole said. “I contacted DCTC and was put in touch with Connie. The mural her Advanced Photoshop students created uses photographs to tell the history of Farmington. The city provided the majority of the historical photos. The students did a wonderful job.”

On Tuesday evening, Jan. 20, 2015, Connie attended a Farmington City Council meeting where a resolution was adopted to accept the art donation from DCTC. Connie and Nicole explained the project to the council members, who were delighted by the donation.

“Civic engagement is a great way for students to get professional experience working with a real-world client,” Connie said. “My students got the chance to apply their skills and talent in an enduring project—and Farmington residents received a beautiful work of art.”

Connie Larson and Nicole Gorman
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Rambling River Center mural