DCTC Students Advance to BPA National Conference


Students bring home 38 awards from BPA state competition


Students from Dakota County Technical College took part in the 2014 Minnesota BPA State Leadership Conference in Alexandria, Minn., Feb. 20–22, 2014, taking home 38 awards. Fourteen DCTC students advanced to the National Leadership Conference at the Marriot Hotel in Indianapolis, Ind., April 30–May 4, 2014.

Lyle Stelter, DCTC accounting instructor and BPA advisor, is honored to be a part of the teaching process that leads outstanding students to their respective career fields. “I am so proud of our students for winning thirty-eight awards at the BPA State Leadership Conference,” Stelter said. “The students gave their best and it paid off.” Stelter added that all students enrolled at DCTC can be members of Business Professionals of America.

About BPA

Business Professionals of America is the leading CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.

BPA has 43,000 members in over 2,300 chapters in 23 states. BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards. — Courtesy of the BPA website

DCTC BPA Chapter Winners at the MN BPA Spring Leadership Conference

College Accounting
3th – Sam Henry*

Advanced College Accounting
2nd – Kayla Kroll*
4th – Vadym Snesrud*

College Payroll Accounting
2nd – Kayla Kroll*
6th – Judith Remiger
7th – Chontae Koonkaew
8th – Sam Henry

Managerial Accounting
6th- Vadym Snesrud

Banking and Finance
3rd – Clement Ngwa*
6th – Neil Klein

Financial Analyst Team
2nd – Chontae Koonkaew, Clement Ngwa, Mitch Hartke, Tracy Adamson*

Financial Math and Analysis-Open Event
4th – Vadym Snesrud
5th – Mitch Hartke
6th – Kayla Kroll

Insurance Concepts-Open Event
1st – Clement Ngwa
3rd – Chontae Koonkaew
4th – Leslie Julius
7th – Honesty Nagel

Fundamental Spreadsheets
5th – Jeffrey Machacek*

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
3rd – Neil Klein*
7th – Tracy Adamson

Database Applications
1st – Jeffrey Machacek*

Administrative Support Team
4th – Avgust Evseev, Clay Carlson, Leslie Julius, Vadym Snesrud

Computer Network Technology
6th – Jeffrey Machacek

Network Administration Using Microsoft
4th – Jeffrey Machacek*

Computer Security
8th – Clay Carlson

Visual Basic Programming
1st – Jeffrey Machacek*
2nd – Clay Carlson*

Java Programming
1st – Jeffrey Machacek*
2nd – Luke Dowell*

Programming Concepts-Open Event
1st – Luke Dowell
2nd – Jeffrey Machacek
5th – Clay Carlson

Fundamental Desktop Publishing
2nd – Clay Carlson*
5th – Neil Klein*

Graphic Design Promotion
3rd – Trevor Henderson*
4th – Clay Carlson

Mobile Applications
1st – Jeffrey Machacek*

Digital Publishing with InDesign
2nd – Clay Carlson*

Fundamentals of Web Design
1st – Clay Carlson*

1st – Tracy Adamson*

Small Business Management Team
1st – Mitch Hartke, Tracy Adamson, Trevor Henderson, Vadym Snesrud*

Interview Skills
5th – Mitch Hartke
7th – Neil Klein

Advanced Interview Skills
2nd – Tracy Adamson*
5th – Vadym Snesrud

Contemporary Issues-Extemporaneous Speech
3rd – Luke Dowell*
5th – Chontae Koonkaew

Human Resource Management
4th – Neil Klein

Ethics and Professionalism
7th – Chontae Koonkaew

Prepared Speech
1st – Judith Remiger*

Presentation Management Team
1st – Tracy Adamson, Mitch Hartke, Chontae Koonkaew, Vadym Snesrud*

Business Meeting Management – Open Event
3rd – Kayla Kroll
5th – Mitch Hartke
7th – Neil Klein

Management, Marketing, HR – Open Event
1st – Neil Klein
6th – Clement Ngwa
7th – Mitch Hartke

Trading Pin State Contest
5th – Clay Carlson

Statesman Award Winners
Tracy Adamson
Leslie Julius
Neil Klein

*Denotes National Qualifier for the NLC in Indianapolis, Ind., April 2014

To learn more about Business Professionals of America at DCTC, contact:
  • Lyle Stelter
    Accounting Instructor
    BPA Faculty Advisor
  • Marie Saunders
    Accounting Instructor
    BPA Faculty Advisor