Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Presentation

Charles Eide | Unmanned Aerial Systems Expert

UAV expert Charles Eide introduces the world of drones

Charles Eide | Unmanned Aerial Systems Expert

Unmanned aerial vehicles, perhaps better known as drones or UAVs, have applications beyond surveillance, military operations and meteorology. Charles Eide, media entrepreneur, film director, event producer and unmanned aerial systems expert, is coming to the Inver Grove Heights campus of Inver Hills Community College to give an hour-long presentation on drones, specifically how to capture incredible aerial footage and photos using cameras mounted on radio control helicopters and multi-rotor systems. The presentation is FREE of charge.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Presentation

Presenter: Charles Eide
Time: 12 noon • Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013
Location: Fine Arts Theatre • Fine Arts Building • Inver Hills Community College
Maps & Directions
FREE registration: CE/CT • 651-450-3578

“UAVs are remarkably easy to fly thanks to modern Arduino microcontrollers,” reported Phil Zuidema, a customized training representative at IHCC, who added that DIY drone operators benefit from a number Arduino-based options, including:

  • Gyro-stabilized flight
  • GPS for position hold
  • Waypoints and return-to-launch
  • Magnetometer for heading determination
  • Barometer for altitude hold
  • IR sensor integration for obstacle avoidance
  • Sonar sensor for automated takeoff and landing capability
  • Automated waypoint navigation

“I’m calling Charles Eide’s presentation ‘Bare Bones on Drones,” Zuidema said. “Charles is one of the nation’s top authorities on the commercial use of unmanned aerial systems.”

The presentation offers a glimpse of drone technology that is readily accessible to the general public. For individuals seeking professional certification, Eide founded FLYSAFE, a three-day workshop that provides radio control aerial photography training. Workshop topics include:


  • How to choose quality equipment
  • Top manufacturers

Dos and Don’ts

  • Choosing the right flight platform for you (multi-rotor, helicopter, airplane, blimp)


  • How to design and build the perfect setup for you
  • How to save money on shortcuts
  • How to ensure the safest flight platform


  • Flight simulation and proficiency


  • Safety systems, checklists and fight standards
  • Battery safety

The Business of Radio Control Aerial Photography *where legal

  • Understanding how to build a profitable aerial photography business
  • How to get new customers
  • How to build local relationships
  • Being insured (FLYSAFE has a secret here)
To learn more about Charles Eide and radio control helicopters and multi-rotor systems, follow the links below:


To learn more about Charles Eide’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Presentation and the FLYSAFE three-day workshop, contact:
  • Phil Zuidema
    Customized Training Representative
    Center for Professional and Workforce Development

“Jeff Bezos tells Amazon customers to expect home delivery by drones” by M. Alex Johnson, Staff Writer, NBC News