Automotive Techs Help Each Other

Automotive Technician class at DCTC | 2nd year students

Diaper party brings this year’s class together

Automotive Technician class at DCTC | Second year students

Automotive technicians work hard and get their hands dirty but Dakota County Technical College’s Automotive Technician class has no problem setting their tools down to help out a fellow classmate. “We came up with the idea and everybody jumped on it immediately,” said Mark Brantner, automotive technology instructor. When Bill Maraski, second year student in the program, welcomed his new baby girl into the world on Sept. 30, the class of 19 organized a diaper party for the new dad.

Jesse Tuma of the Automotive Technician class felt good about supporting Bill. “He’s in school, why not do it for him? Bill is a great guy in general and this is a way to be proud.” Garrett Baack, also in the class, explained that it’s nice to know people are doing this to help his classmate.

“It was great to see this group of students, who have only known one another for a couple of months, pull this together to help out a fellow student,” said Brantner. “It just shows how much we go out of our way for each other.”

Not only did the class present Bill with almost 800 diapers, they also painted a happy reminder on his truck saying, “It’s a girl.” Bill said, “I didn’t see it coming. I was so surprised! I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Left to Right: Garrett Baack, Jesse Tuma, Bill Maraski | Automotive Technician, second year students

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