Alumni Spotlight: Emily J. Berge-Emery

Emily J. Berge-Emery

Online courses at DCTC bring the classroom to you

Emily J. Berge-Emery

Emily J. Berge-Emery lives in the country with three small children and a husband who manages a farm full-time. According to Emily, when she wanted to continue her education, the options were limited. Then she found Dakota County Technical College and completed the Accounting program entirely online. In May 2012, she graduated with an A.A.S. degree. This is her story:

What brought you to DCTC?

I heard so many good things about DCTC so I explored their program possibilities. I found their Accounting degree, which was offered fully online. The program brought the classroom experience to me, at my home and on my own time, which was priceless. I enrolled at DCTC because they offered me an experience that was otherwise out of my reach.

Many times I did not feel like I was in an online program because the teachers were very good at communicating and providing lectures specifically for online students. My experience at DCTC was amazing. The teachers were encouraging, knowledgeable and understanding. They made you feel like you were in your own personal classroom.

Share a key memory as a DCTC student.

One thing that always stood out to me as a student at DCTC was the enthusiasm that radiated from the instructors as they taught their courses. There were so many occasions where, during recorded lectures, the instructors explained the book information, carried onto real-world experience and then proceeded to tie the information together. It was like a novel that you just couldn’t put down.

What was your favorite course and why?

Cost Accounting I & II were my favorite courses. Learning about the inner financial workings of factories and the different cost aspects was fascinating to me. Patti Weigand, an accounting instructor, did an amazing job of walking through the information with multiple lectures and real-life examples. She answered questions in a timely manner with thorough and understandable responses.

How has your education at DCTC helped you reach your goals?

Coupled with excellent instructors, DCTC’s online Accounting degree program provided a bridge between me and my goal of becoming a CPA. Since I am not able to attend courses in person, my online education at DCTC opened new doors for me. I now find myself inspired and exploring possibilities that were otherwise unobtainable—and I owe it all to DCTC.

What have you done since graduating from DCTC?

After graduating in May 2012, I decided to further my education and pursue an online bachelor’s degree in accounting at a four-year university. The education that I received from DCTC created a solid foundation for my continued education, a foundation of which I am proud and still rely on today.

What can you tell someone about enrolling at DCTC?

If you are looking for a flexible, online accounting program, want a quality education or solid foundation for continuing education, and want to be more than just a number, then DCTC is the right place for you. You will receive a quality education from knowledgeable instructors who are genuinely passionate and excited about the accounting world. Through hands-on practice, relevant coursework, detailed lectures, supporting instructors and an affordable price, you will be well on your way toward new career possibilities.

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