What’s in Your Backpack?

What's in Your Backpack

DCTC campus is backpacking territory

Ever wonder what some DCTC students carry in their backpacks? Even if you haven’t, now is your chance to find out. Students share an essential item in their backpack or bag that gets them through the day or something unique they happen to be carrying with them.


Name: Kayla Frandrup

Major: Medical Administrative Specialist

Item: Aloe Lotion

Why do you have it? Well, I was just on a softball trip to Florida, and it’s for my sunburn.

Name: Jeffrey Machacek

Major: Software Development

Item: Microsoft Surface

Why do you have it? I don’t like a bulky laptop. This gives me the portability of a tablet, with the functionality of a laptop.

Name: Erin Missel

Major: Graphic Design Technology

Item: Dauber

Why do you have it? It is a bingo marker, and I use it when I play cosmic bingo.

Name: Bobby Bennett

Major: Individualized Studies

Item: Headphones

Why do you have it? Because I like listening to my music.

Name: Mike Becker

Major: Auto Body Collision

Item: Capri Sun

Why do you have it? I have one every day. I don’t like pop, so I drink juice. Even though I am an adult now, drinking Capri Sun still makes me feel like a kid in some ways.

Name: Mike Harrison

Major: Railroad Conductor Technology

Item: LED Flashlight

Why do you have it? I am not sure why I have it. I just realized I had it in my backpack. But I guess so I can see in the dark.

Name: Lanie Lamoreus

Major: Early Childhood and Youth Development

Item: Pink Zebra Water Cup

Why do you have it? I brought it to work with me last night, so I still had it in my bag

Name: Terrance Teer

Major: Architectural Technology

Item: Easter Egg

Why do you have it? My teacher was giving out eggs filled with candy to students with the correct answer.

Name: Annette Keenan

Major: Medical Administration Specialist

Item: Dot-O-Rama

Why do you have it? In case I get bored in class, oh not really. It is just a fun thing to do when I have time.

Name: Nora McCune

Major: Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Item: Lotion

Why do you have it? Well, you never know when your hands are going to be dry.

Name: Yeva Sagan

Major: Practical Nursing

Item: Sparkly Wallet

Why do you have it? My 7-year-old sister gave it to me.

Name: Max Slocum

Major: Management for Technical Professionals

Item: Nikon D 3200 Camera

Why do you have it? Because I have a video class with Darrell Tangen today.

Name: Miriam Vergara

Major: Individualized Studies

Item: Broken iPhone

Why do you have it? Well, I accidentally dropped it and the lens shattered, so I need to get it replaced. 

Name: Jane Domeier

Major: Photography

Item: Taco Pencil Case

Why do you have it? I was at Target and saw these sushi pencil cases. So, I went back later to get one and they were all out, so I bought this taco pencil case instead.

Name: Joyce Mallery

Major: Photography

Item: Camera Level

Why do you have it? To make sure my camera is level on the tripod

Name: Kjerstin McKeehen

Major: Photography

Item: Pearl Harbor DVD and Nickelodeon Universe Wristband

Why do you have it? I am using the lighting in Pearl Harbor as inspiration in my portrait class and I got some Nickelodeon Universe tickets from a classmate and this one was extra.

Name: Terry Harris

Major: Networking Administration

Item: Jump Drive Case

Why do you have it? I like to keep everything organized and this has all the jump drives I need for class, but I actually need more drives.

Name: Cierra Baumbartner

Major: Multimedia & Web Design

Item: Hollister Tote Bag

Why do you have it? I bought it while in high school, and I use it to carry my laptop

Name: William McDonough

Major: Individualized Studies

Item: Brown Bag Lunch

Why do you have it? Everyday, I pack my own lunch.

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