Rock and Roar

Rock and Roar

Janeth Winkler looks back with pride at the DCTC Campus Lions Club

Janeth with Ted Nicols staffing the DCTC Campus Lions Club booth at a college eventWhen she first started classes at Dakota County Technical College, Janeth Winkler did not consider herself an outgoing individual with a passion for extracurricular activities. “I was hesitant about becoming involved beyond my regular schoolwork,” Janeth recalled. “I was also painfully shy growing up.”

Janeth didn’t let her shyness hold her back. She dove into Student Life by becoming a student ambassador, a role that brought out her enthusiasm, professionalism and communication skills. She took part in Leadership from the Heart, a two-day leadership intensive sponsored by Student Life and conducted by Brandon W. Johnson of LifeSkills. She credits the experience with helping her become more open and engaged.

Janeth will fellow Campus Lions Club members Paula Mehrhoff, Awbre Henry and Ben BundschuIn 2010, she joined the DCTC Campus Lions Club when the club was initially formed. DCTC was the first two-year college to establish an on-campus club in Lions District 5M-6. Janeth’s talent for leadership emerged when she was elected vice president of the club. She later served as president.

“Everything about DCTC was a growing experience—the Lions especially,” said Janeth, a single parent with two children, Heather, 20, and Joshua, 18. “I joined the Lions because I had an interest in doing volunteer work. Serving as a club officer was a wonderful experience. The Lions gave me the chance to test myself as a leader. Now that I’ve graduated from DCTC, I continue my work with the Lions through the Rosemount Lions Club.

We rock and roarDCTC Campus Lions Club slogan: “We rock and roar!”

A native of Elk River, Minn., and a graduate of Bloomington Jefferson High School, Janeth went on to earn two degrees at DCTC, an A.A.S in Legal Administrative Assistant and an A.A.S. in Executive & Administrative Assistant. For her scholarly accomplishments and exemplary campus participation, she was recognized as the 2012 Dave Schroeder Outstanding Student of the Year. She is working on her A.S. in Paralegal at North Hennepin Community College. She works as a legal administrative assistant at Best & Flanagan LLP, a law firm in Minneapolis.

Janeth as student ambassador with Anna Voight, Neil Klein and Vickie Zoelle“My day-to-day job duties focus on attorney support,” Janeth said. “My attorney specializes in Native American law. I also coordinate section lunches for fifty attorneys at the firm.” Janeth’s long-range plans include earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Saint Mary’s University. As for her long-range goals, she loves her job at Best & Flanagan and knows the sky is the limit in the field of law.

Janeth views her time at DCTC as one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of her life. “I met some very caring instructors and people at the college,” she said. “I found a treasure of friends, opportunities and growth.”

DCTC faculty and staff reminisce about Janeth Winkler

Laura Gardner“I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Janeth when she was a TRiO student and through her participation in the Campus Lions Club. Janeth is one of those students who not only took control of her own destiny, but also inspired those around her to dream more, get involved and grow into leaders. Her enthusiasm and kindness were contagious and made her a joy to be around.” —Laura Gardner | Tutor | TRiO/Student Support Services

“Janeth is one of those rare individuals who can be big picture and detail-oriented at the same time. She created what now has become an annual event: The DCTC Lions Chili Cook-Off. This event is a Brett Kollesfundraiser for the Campus Lions Club, but more importantly, the Cook-Off serves as a unifying experience that connects students, faculty, staff and other clubs. Last year, we partnered with the Multicultural Student Leadership Association and it was hugely successful. Both clubs were cross-pollinated, as it were, and the success of Janeth’s visionary concept will be part of her legacy. We all miss Janeth as she really developed the Lions Club to its status today. Her work ethic and creativity were two components that well describe her leadership style.” — Brett Kolles | English Instructor and DCTC Campus Lions Club Advisor

Anna Voight“I remember how well Janeth did academically and what a good rapport she had with her teachers and fellow students. As a student ambassador and president of the Campus Lions Club, Janeth was an excellent role model to other students. She played a vital role in helping promote Student Life activities during her time as an ambassador, attending off-campus recruiting events with our admissions staff and working at advising and registration sessions. At the latter, she promoted Student Life to the new students, gave campus tours and helped students find their classrooms. Her efforts were much appreciated by the students and staff members who worked with her. Janeth is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.” — Anna Voight | Assistant Director of Student Life

Charlotte Kodner“Janeth started off tentatively at DCTC, but she approached her classes with a strong desire to learn. When she saw opportunities to grow, she took them. She is a keen observer and has the ability to take the leadership lessons she encounters and apply them to her own life. Once she acquired special skills, she began to take on more responsibility. Janeth rose to the occasion and grew into a very successful leader.” — Charlotte Kodner | Executive & Administrative Assistant Instructor

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