Two Seasons of Blue Knights Men’s Basketball

Student-athlete Bryale Winters shares his experience at DCTC

In 2013, the DCTC men’s basketball program completed its second season. Bryale Winters, a sophomore wing from St. Paul, Minn., played both seasons for the Blue Knights. Chris McMorris, a sophomor wing from Osseo, Minn., Stephen Solaja, a sophomore wing from Cottage Grove, Minn., and Winters were this year’s only returning players. The Knights finished the season with an 18–12 record.

Winters went to St. Paul Central High School for three years before tranfering to St. Paul Humboldt High School for his senior year. While at Humboldt, he played varsity basketball for the Hawks. His team finished with a season record of 14–12 and he was named 2011 All-Conference for the St. Paul City Conference.

Bryale Winters sat down with Real Magazine for a quick Q & A:

Real: What made you decide to come to DCTC?

Bryale Winters | #14 | Blue Knights vs. Hamline University (JV), Dec. 8, 2012Winters: Well, I really wanted to play basketball. When I found out DCTC was starting a basketball program, I contacted Jay Pivec, the head basketball coach. He told me to come to the open gym. While there, I met with Coach Pivec and he told me about the program. Tryouts were pretty competitive, but when I was chosen for the team, I was set on coming to DCTC.

Real: What do you think about DCTC?

Winters: It is a great place. I really like the campus. I am from St. Paul, so it is in a good location. The people here are very nice and friendly. The instructors really care about the students. They are easy to talk to and work with.

Bryale Winters | #14 | Blue Knights vs. Lake Region State College, Feb. 11, 2011Real: Favorite part about DCTC?

Winters: This question is hard when you have so many favorite parts! But, I really like all the clubs and activities. Students are able to get involved and find something they can be apart of.

Real: What are you involved in at DCTC besides basketball?

Winters: I am involved in TRiO. Coach Pivec recommended I sign up because TRiO helps students succeed by providing tutoring and other services. This year, I wanted to be more involved and decided to help as a peer tutor.

Real: What do you do in your free time?

Winters: Play basketball. Other than that, surf the Internet or play board games. I also go to the recreation center and play basketball with the kids or volunteer to help with them with homework.

Real: What is your biggest challenge about being in college?

Winters: The hardest part is balancing both school and basketball. I could probably do better in my classes if had more time. I currently have a B average, so I still manage to do all right.

William McDonough | Bryale Winters | Chris McMorrisReal: What was your favorite part of the basketball season?

Winters: The friendships I have made with the other guys on the team. Starting out not knowing anyone and forming like a brotherhood with them is really cool. In my two years here, I will never forget the guys on my team.

Real: What are you plans after DCTC?

Winters: I plan to transfer to a four-year college and play basketball. I am still undecided on my major, but I am thinking about pursuing a degree in psychology.

Real: What is your favorite sports memory?

Winters: Breaking the record at St. Paul Humboldt High School with scoring 10 3-point shots in one game.

Fun Facts
  • Favorite Food: Mexican
  • Favorite Book: The Kite Runner
  • Favorite Movie: Above the Rim
  • Favorite Course: Creative Writing
  • Pre-game Rituals: Keeping my shoelaces un-laced until game time.
  • Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant
For more information about Blue Knights men’s basketball, contact:
  • Jay Pivec
    Head Basketball Coach