Completely Hollywood

Completely Hollywood

CT Coordinator Marlo Miller is passionate about performing

Marlo Miller joined the Customized Training division at DCTC in January 2012. Miller’s CT focus area for training delivery is manufacturing and technology. Her primary day-to-day tasks include working with business and industry to provide customized training for their employees. She also manages various training grants. Besides working at DCTC, Marlo is very active in the local theater community.

Marlo Miller as MGM LionWherever she lives, Marlo has been involved in performing arts. “Theater has really been a lifelong thing for me,” she said. “I have been performing since I was seven.”

Prior to DCTC, Marlo worked as a customized training representative at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake, N.D. Marlo moved to Burnsville, Minn., in October 2011 with her husband, Joe Miller. “Living here has been great,” said Marlo. “There is so much theater happening all over the Twin Cities, which is heaven for a person like me.”

She became involved with The Chameleon Theater Circle located in Burnsville. “I went to see a show and loved it,” she recalled. “I volunteered to help backstage during their next performance and started auditioning.”

Marlo Miller as Jessica TandyShe choreographed and performed in two other shows before her latest role in Completely Hollywood (Abridged). “Being involved in this show was so much fun,” she said. “We laughed so much when we were putting it together.”

Directed by Phil Gonzalas, Completely Hollywood (Abridged) was performed at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center Feb. 15–24, 2013. Covering 187 films and 100 years of Hollywood history, this comedy featured four actors, including Marlo, and analyzed some of the greatest movies of all time.

Rehearsals began about six weeks before opening night. “We put in about twelve hours a week staging the play and memorizing our lines,” Marlo said. Since she had a lot of lines in this show, Marlo reported that memorization was her biggest challenge. “I decided to record all my lines to play in the car while driving. Going back and forth to work became good solid rehearsal time.”

Megan Favre and Marlo Miller as Grumpy Old CodgersWhen asked about the best part about her involvement in this show, Marlo responded, “Being able to work with such an amazing group of talented people. We had so much fun during rehearsals. Sometimes, we would go off on tangents talking and laughing about movies and pop culture.”

Marlo recalls a favorite part in the play. “I liked performing the robot dance sequence. That was really fun,” she said. “During the last show, the stage manager kept the music on for a long time to make me keep dancing. As soon as I realized what she was doing, I just kept dancing and the audience kept laughing.”

With a passion for theater and performing, Marlo will continue to be involved in performing arts. “I will audition for or choreograph future shows that look interesting,” she said. “Once the Chameleon Theater Circle announces the next season of shows, I will decide which ones I want to audition for next.”

(left to right) Marlo Miller, Gina Hamilton, Holly Brimhall and Megan Favre
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