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Bethani Athey shares her experience at DCTC

Bethani Athey | #8 | Fastpitch Softball

Bethani Athey | #8 | Fastpitch Softball

Bethani Athey plays for the DCTC Blue Knights women’s fastpitch softball team. Bethani graduated from Elk River High School as a five-year varsity starter for the Elks. She became a starter at third base in 8th grade. During her freshman year, the Elks won the 3A State Championship. As a junior, she was named 2011 All-Conference and 2011 All-Section. She was honored as a Minnesota High School All-Star in 2012. The All-Stars are selected by the Minnesota High School Fast Pitch Coaches Association to represent all graduating seniors. The players are recognized as the state’s premier softball players.


Bethani sat down with Real Magazine for a quick Q & A:

Real: How did you earn the MN H.S. All-Star award?

Bethani: It is based primarily on your softball skills, but also being a team leader and having a positive attitude. You need to be nominated by your coach and then all the coaches in the conference will vote. I was honored my coach nominated me, and very excited when I received the High School All-Star award.

Real: What made you decide to come to DCTC?

Bethani: The softball program instantly got my attention. I met with Tom Cross, the softball coach, and he talked to me about the program. I was also really attracted to DCTC when I found out they moved to the D2 Conference. It is very rare for technical colleges to play at that level.

Real: What do you think about DCTC?

Bethani: After graduating from high school I pictured myself going to a university, and was skeptical about going to a smaller technical college. After coming to DCTC, I like that it is a smaller school because I get more one-on-one time with the instructors. All the instructors here are really nice and are always willing to help.

Real: Favorite part about DCTC?

Bethani: Softball. I enjoy meeting the other girls and making friends. There are about four girls from last year, but all the rest are new. I really like how athletes from all the DCTC sports know each other, which is different from my high school. I did not expect that at all. For example, our team got together to watch a girl’s soccer game and a baseball game. The boys also came out to watch us. It is really cool that all the athletes support each other.

Bethani Athey | Elk River H.S. Elks

Bethani Athey | Elk River H.S. Elks

Real: What do you do in your free time?

Bethani: I work at Subway so I am there a lot. I volunteer as the assistant coach of youth softball camps at my hometown of Elk River. I enjoy working with the young girls on catching, pitching and all aspects of softball. I can definitely see myself being a coach in the future. I also enjoy shopping, but in my free time, I am mostly focused on softball.

Real: What is your biggest challenge about being in school?

Bethani: Balancing work, school and softball is the most challenging. We have softball practice every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m. As the season gets closer, we will practice almost everyday. My advisor, Amy Eppen, helped me fit my classes in the morning, so I am done by at least 2 p.m. everyday.

Real: What are you looking forward to this softball season?

Bethani: We are taking a spring break trip to Florida and will play other D2 teams from different conferences. We will play about 10 games that week to sharpen our college level softball skills.

Real: What are you plans after DCTC?

Bethani: After DCTC, I will be transferring to St. Cloud Technical & Community College and pursue an ultrasound technician degree.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes
  • Favorite Book: The Lovely Bones
  • Favorite Movie: Despicable Me
  • Favorite Course: General Biology with Kyle Forgette
  • Pre-game Rituals: Listening to music
  • Favorite Athlete: Crystal Bustos (USA Olympic Softball Athlete)
  • Favorite Sports Memory: Winning the 3A State Championship in 2009
Bethani Athey | Minnesota High School All-Star

Bethani Athey | Minnesota High School All-Star

This story was featured in the Winter/Spring 2013 Real Magazine.

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