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If your instructor rocks, make sure you vote so their efforts are recognized

Voting is NOW open! Is your instructor dedicated to teaching? An inspiration to students? Committed to excellence? If so, elect your awesome instructor to be the next Instructor of the Year. HURRY – voting closes on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at midnight.

Log on here to submit your vote.

Instructors are eligible if they:

  • are currently a full-time DCTC instuctor
  • have completed three consecutive years of full-time teaching
  • have not been awarded Instructor of the Year in the previous five years

Once your vote has been submitted, finalists will receive a rank. Top finalists (up to 10) will proceed to the next stage where they will write an essay and participate in a personal interview. At the end of the process, the finalist with the highest cumulative score will be designated as this year’s Instructor of the Year.

To vote, you will need:

  1. Student ID number (you can only vote ONCE)
  2. Name of the instructor you wish to nominate
  3. A brief explanation of why you think your instructor rocks
VOTE NOW before it’s too late!
Congratulations to previous Instructor of the Year winners:

Patricia Kujala | Practical Nursing

Jill Behnke | Early Childhood and Youth Development

Dan Ruzicka | Heavy Construction Equipment Technology

Charlotte Kodner | Office Careers

Mark Hickman | Automotive Technology

Rosealee Lee | Meeting and Event Management

Mitch Kohanek | Wood Finishing Technology

Sara Woodward | Exercise and Sport Science

Bob Voss | Business Entrepreneur

Diana Sullivan | Dental Assistant

Darrell Tangen | Photographic Technology

Bill Eilers | Photo Technology and General Education

Mark Grant | General Education

Susan Johanson | Office Careers

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  • Anonymous says:

    Darrell Tangen is an amazing instructor. I appreciate that he keeps-up on the latest and greatest technology & software and implements that knowledge into his courses. I also like that he sticks to the syllabus and posts a to-do-list on the board each class period so we know exactly what we will be accomplishing week-to-week. He is extremely organized, always prepared for class, and genuinely concerned about students grasping a concept before proceeding to the next. The extent to which he uses D2L is impressive–and I wish other instructors in the VCOM department would follow. Being able to access course content, assignments & updates makes it extremely convenient for those of us that are only on-campus once or twice a week. Additionally, it eliminates the excuses for incomplete assignments. I know that Darrell spends a lot of time grading, whether that is looking at data in PhotoShop & Lightroom or reading reports word-for-word. He handwrites helpful notes (complimentary or critique) which is extremely helpful to me in the learning process. Grades are always posted on D2L in a timely fashion so you know exactly where you stand throughout the semester–no surprises! With Darrell, ‘no question is a dumb question’. He challenges us to excel, while giving us the tools (and confidence) to do so–albeit with a bit of suspense as the course ramps up. All instructors have a different teaching style, as do students have a different learning style…..and I’m happy to say that Darrell’s way works for me! Thanks you for devoting so much of yourself to the photography program! I have learned so much from you!!!

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