Energizing the Base

Energizing the Base

DCTC Student Senate Helps Rock the Vote

DCTC students were a loud and proud voice in the democratic process this past election season as students registered to vote and took part in the election process.

One major motivation for DCTC’s high level of campus participation was the goal set through the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) Get Out the Vote campaign to register 10,000 new voters across the state of Minnesota.

“DCTC students are directly impacted by so many of the decisions made by public officials that we wanted to make sure they understood the voting process so they could have a voice in choosing the leaders who make decisions regarding their tuition, financial aid, credit requirements, and so much more,” said DCTC Student Senate President Andy Chernisky. “MSCSA’s Get Out the Vote campaign gave us a way to start those conversations on campus.”

Throughout the summer and fall, the DCTC Student Senate was able to collect 176 voter registrations and 175 voter pledges – a campus record – and handed out “I Will Vote” stickers the day prior to the election.

The DCTC Institutional Advancement office worked in tandem with the DCTC Student Senate’s efforts by posting a variety of reminders to vote on social media sites, encouraging voters to “like” an “I Voted” post on Facebook and asking faculty, staff and students to post photos on social media of themselves with their “I Voted” stickers. The album of the 27 people who did so can be found here.

According to MSCSA’s website on Nov. 12, 2012, students across the 31 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities campuses were successfully able to register 6,713 voters and collect 3,626 pledges. Congratulations to all those who helped contribute to this success!

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