Vehicle Drivers Get Valuable Hands-On Training


DCTC’s 2.8 mile decision driving track is one of the finest in the Midwest

DCTC’s driving track is a great location to provide drivers with behind-the-wheel training opportunities. Our driving track includes a serpentine area, wet skid pad, backing area, and decision-making course. Our defensive driving training is available for school bus, motor coach, snowplow, utility truck, fire truck and ambulance drivers.

This 6-hour driver training option is not intended to teach participants to drive their specific vehicles, but rather how to operate their vehicle under a number of conditions, including driving in a defensive mode. We provide drivers the techniques to improve driving skills, and teach them how to use good judgment and heighten awareness while operating their vehicle.

This training includes a 2-hour classroom instruction portion and four hours of practical driving exercises done on our driving track. The driving exercises include acceleration, braking and steering techniques, lane positioning, evasive maneuvers and backing.

For more information about Defensive Driving program, contact:
  • Jim Unger
    CT Director of Public Safety